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IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control — Volume: 53  Issue: 8   Date: Sep. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Scanning the Issue
Page(s): 1785-1786

$H^{infty}$ Control of Linear Quantum Stochastic Systems
James, M. R.; Nurdin, H. I.; Petersen, I. R. Page(s): 1787-1803

Asynchronous Consensus in Continuous-Time Multi-Agent Systems With Switching Topology and Time-Varying Delays Xiao, F.; Wang, L. Page(s): 1804-1816

Phase Transitions on Fixed Connected Graphs and Random Graphs in the Presence of Noise
Liu, J.; Yadav, V.; Sehgal, H.; Olson, J. M.; Liu, H.; Elia, N. Page(s): 1817-1825

Agreeing Asynchronously
Cao, M.; Morse, A. S.; Anderson, B. D. O. Page(s): 1826-1838

A Framework for Fault-Tolerant Control of Discrete Event Systems
Wen, Q.; Kumar, R.; Huang, J.; Liu, H. Page(s): 1839-1849

On an Optical Inertial Navigation System—Part I
Iyer, R.; Meixner, J.; Buckalew, R. Page(s): 1850-1863

On an Optical Inertial Navigation System—Part II
Iyer, R.; Toda, M.; Holsapple, R. Page(s): 1864-1875

Time Optimal Swing-Up of the Planar Pendulum
Mason, P.; Broucke, M.; Piccoli, B. Page(s): 1876-1886

Finite-Time Semistability and Consensus for Nonlinear Dynamical Networks
Hui, Q.; Haddad, W. M.; Bhat, S. P. Page(s): 1887-1900

Distributed LQR Design for Identical Dynamically Decoupled Systems
Borrelli, F.; Keviczky, T. Page(s): 1901-1912

Stable Scheduling Policies for Maximizing Throughput in Generalized Constrained Queueing Systems
Chaporkar, P.; Sarkar, S. Page(s): 1913-1931

Design of Asymptotically Convergent Frequency Estimator Using Contraction Theory
Sharma, B. B.; Kar, I. N. Page(s): 1932-1937

Evaluation of Stochastic Effects on Biomolecular Networks Using the Generalized Nyquist Stability Criterion Kim, J.; Bates, D. G.; Postlethwaite, I. Page(s): 1937-1941

Optimal Adaptive Control—Contradiction in Terms or a Matter of Choosing the Right Cost Functional?
Krstic, M. Page(s): 1942-1947

The iISS Property for Globally Asymptotically Stable and Passive Nonlinear Systems
Wang, C.; Weiss, G. Page(s): 1947-1951

Weight Selection in Feedback Design With Degree Constraints
Takyar, M. S.; Amini, A. N.; Georgiou, T. T. Page(s): 1951-1955

Violation Probability in Processor-Sharing Queues
Chen, N.; Jordan, S. Page(s): 1956-1961

Improvement on Stability Analysis for Linear Systems Under State Saturation
Ji, X.; Sun, Y.; Liu, T. Page(s): 1961-1963

Every Continuous Nonlinear Control System Can be Obtained by Parametric Convex Programming
Baes, M.; Diehl, M.; Necoara, I. Page(s): 1963-1967

An Improved Path-Following Method for Mixed ${H} _{2} /{H}_{infty}$ Controller Design
Ostertag, E. Page(s): 1967-1971

Containment Control in Mobile Networks
Ji, M.; Ferrari-Trecate, G.; Egerstedt, M.; Buffa, A. Page(s): 1972-1975

Windup in Control: Its Effects and Their Prevention
Hippe, P. Page(s): 1976-1977

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Page(s): 1979-1979

IEEE Control Systems Society Information
Page(s): C3-C3

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