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IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control — Volume: 53  Issue: 4   Date: May. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Scanning the Issue
Page(s): 865-866

Identification Input Design for Consistent Parameter Estimation of Linear Systems With Binary-Valued Output Observations
Wang, L. Y.; Yin, G. G.; Zhao , Y.; Zhang, J. Page(s): 867-880

Finite Rank Criteria for ${H^infty}$ Control of Infinite-Dimensional Systems
Kashima, K.; Yamamoto, Y. Page(s): 881-893

Cooperative Control of Dynamical Systems With Application to Autonomous Vehicles Qu , Z.; Wang, J.; Hull, R. A. Page(s): 894-911

Discrete-Time Adaptive Command Following and Disturbance Rejection With Unknown Exogenous Dynamics Hoagg, J. B.; Santillo, M. A Page(s): 912-928

Controllability and Observability of Infinite-Dimensional Descriptor Systems
Reis, T. Page(s): 929-940

Dissipativity Theory for Switched Systems
Zhao, J.; Hill, D. J. Page(s): 941-953

Hellinger Versus Kullback–Leibler Multivariable Spectrum Approximation
Ferrante, A.; Pavon, M.; Ramponi, F. Page(s): 954-967

Formation Reorganization by Primitive Operations on Directed Graphs
Hendrickx, J. M.; Fidan, B.; Yu, C.; Anderson, B. D. O.; Page(s): 968-979

Optimal Population Transfers in a Quantum System for Large Transfer Time
Grivopoulos, S.; Bamieh , B. Page(s): 980-992

Convex Control Systems and Convex Optimal Control Problems With Constraints
Azhmyakov, V.; Raisch, J. Page(s): 993-998

Consensus in Noncooperative Dynamic Games: A Multiretailer Inventory Application Bauso, D.; GiarrÉ, L.; Pesenti, R. Page(s): 998-1003

Passivity Analysis and Passification of Discrete-Time Hybrid Systems
Bemporad, A.; Bianchini, G.; Brogi, F. Page(s): 1004-1009

Controllability of a Leader–Follower Dynamic Network With Switching Topology
Liu, B.; Chu, T.; Wang, L.; Xie, G. Page(s): 1009-1013

Control of Continuous-Time Linear Gaussian Systems Over Additive Gaussian Wireless Fading Channels: A Separation Principle
Charalambous, C. D.; Farhadi, A.; Denic, S. Z. Page(s): 1013-1019

Adaptive Control for the Systems Preceded by Hysteresis
Chen, X.; Su, C.-Y.; Fukuda, T. Page(s): 1019-1025

A New $H_{{bm infty}}$ Stabilization Criterion for Networked Control Systems
Jiang, X.; Han, Q.-L.; Liu, S.; Xue, A. Page(s): 1025-1032

Parametrization of the Regular Equivalences of the Canonical Controller
Julius, A. A.; Polderman, J. W.; van der Schaft, A. Page(s): 1032-1036

Feedback Stabilization for Multiinput Switched Nonlinear Systems: Two Subsystems Case Wu, J.-L.Page(s): 1037-1042

Stability Robustness of a Feedback Interconnection of Systems With Negative Imaginary Frequency Response Lanzon, A.; Petersen, I. R. Page(s): 1042-1046

Wave Equations, Fractional Derivatives, and a New Instance of the Lack of Robustness of Velocity Feedbacks Marnetto, A.; Pandolfi, L. Page(s): 1047-1051

Discrete-Time ${cal H}_infty$ Control Problem for Nonlinear Descriptor Systems
Wang, H.-S.; Yung, C.-F. Page(s): 1051-1057

An Adaptive Regulator of Robotic Manipulators in the Task Space
Galicki, M. Page(s): 1058-1062

On Convexity of the Frequency Response of a Stable Polynomial
Henrion, D. Page(s): 1062-1066

Internal Model Control in the Shift and Delta Domains
Hoagg, J. B.; Santillo, M. A.; Bernstein, D. S. Page(s): 1066-1072

Variance Analysis of a Cross-Covariance Matching Method for Continuous-Time ARX Parameter Estimation Mossberg, M. Page(s): 1072-1076

Event-Based Optimization of Markov Systems
Cao, X.-R.; Zhang, J. Page(s): 1076-1082

Process Control Performance Assessment: From Theory to Implementation
Ordys, A. W.; Uduehi, D.; Johnson, M. A. Page(s): 1083-1084

List of Reviewers for 2007
Page(s): 1085-1091

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Page(s): 1092-1092

IEEE Control Systems Society Information
Page(s): C3-C3