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IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control — Volume: 53  Issue: 2   Date: Mar. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control publication information Page(s): C2-C2

Scanning the Issue Page(s): 445- 446

Modular Control of Discrete-Event Systems With Coalgebra ,omenda, J.; van Schuppen, H.Page(s): 447-460

Adaptive Control and Robustness in the Gap Metric ,French, M.Page(s): 461-478

Optimal Strategies for Multiclass Job Scheduling on a Single Machine With Controllable Processing Times
Aicardi, M.; Giglio, D.; Minciardi, R.Page(s): 479-495

The $n$th-Order Bias Optimality for Multichain Markov Decision Processes ,Cao, X.-R.; Zhang, J.Page(s): 496-508

Numerical Solutions for Stochastic Differential Games With Regime Switching ,Song, Q.; Yin, G.G.; Zhang, Z.Pag: 509-521

Synthesis of Inference-Based Decentralized Control for Discrete Event Systems ,Takai, S.; Kumar , R.Page(s): 522-534

Decentralized Diagnosis of Stochastic Discrete Event Systems ,Liu, F.; Qiu, D.; Xing, H.; Fan, Z.Page(s): 535-546

Decentralized Supervisory Control of Discrete-Event Systems Over Communication Networks
Mannani , A.; Gohari, P.Page(s): 547-559

On Evaluating SFM-Based Infinitesimal Perturbation Analysis Estimates From Discrete Event System Data
Panayiotou, C. G.; Markou, M. M.Page(s): 560-565

Stability Region Analysis Using Polynomial and Composite Polynomial Lyapunov Functions and Sum-of-Squares Programming ,Tan, W.; Packard, A.Page(s): 565-571

Realizations of Nonlinear Control Systems on Time Scales ,Bartosiewicz, Z.; Pawluszewicz, E.Page(s): 571-575

A Discrete-Time Periodic Adaptive Control Approach for Time-Varying Parameters With Known Periodicity
Abidi, K.; Xu, J.-X.Page(s): 575-581

Monotonic Convergence of Iterative Learning Control for Uncertain Systems Using a Time-Varying Filter
Bristow, D. A.; Alleyne, A. G.,Page(s): 582-585

Design and Analysis of a Novel ${cal L}_1$ Adaptive Control Architecture With Guaranteed Transient Performance
Cao, C.; Hovakimyan, N.Page(s): 586-591

Robust Feedback Control for a Class of Uncertain MIMO Nonlinear Systems ,Chen, J.; Behal, A.; Dawson, D. M.
Page(s): 591-596

Converging Coevolutionary Algorithm for Two-Person Zero-Sum Discounted Markov Games With Perfect Information
Chang, H. S.Page(s): 596-601

A Sharp Estimate for the Probability of Stability for Polynomials With Multilinear Uncertainty Structure
Ross, S. R.; Barmish, B. R.Page(s): 601-606

Nonquadratic Stabilization Conditions for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Discrete Time TS Fuzzy Models: A New Approach ,Kruszewski, A.; Wang, R.; Guerra, T. M.Page(s): 606-611

Density Functions for Navigation-Function-Based Systems ,Loizou, S. G.; Jadbabaie , A.Page(s): 612-617

Output Feedback Control of Bilinear Systems via a Bilinear LTR Observer,Chen, M.-S.; Chen, C.-C.Page(s): 617-621

On Linear-Quadratic Stackelberg Games With Time Preference Rates ,Jungers, M.Page(s): 621-625

A Note on Marginal Stability of Switched Systems Sun, Z.Page(s): 625-631

A Mixed Optimum in Symmetric Distributed Computer Systems ,Kameda, H.; Altman, E.; Pourtallier, O.Page(s): 631-635

Robust Control of Time-Delay Systems (Zhong, Q.-C.; 2006) [Book Reviews] Sename, O.Page(s): 636-637

IEEE Control Systems Society Information ,Page(s): C3-C3