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IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control — Volume: 53  Issue: 5   Date: Jun. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Scanning the Issue
Page(s): 1093-1095

An Eigenvalue Method for Testing Positive Definiteness of a Multivariate Form
Qin Ni; Liqun Qi; Fei Wang Page(s): 1096-1107

A Convex Optimization Approach to ARMA Modeling
Georgiou, T.T.; Lindquist, A. Page(s): 1108-1119

Global Asymptotic Stabilization for Nonminimum Phase Nonlinear Systems Admitting a Strict Normal Form Andrieu, V.; Praly, L. Page(s): 1120-1132

A Framework for Robust Stability of Systems Over Finite Alphabets
Tarraf, D.C.; Megretski, A.; Dahleh, M.A. Page(s): 1133-1146

On Time-Varying Bit-Allocation Maintaining Stability and Performance: A Convex Parameterization
Sarma, S.V.; Dahleh, M.A.; Salapaka, S. Page(s): 1147-1159

Input–Output Stability of Networked Control Systems With Stochastic Protocols and Channels
Tabbara, M.; Nesic, D. Page(s): 1160-1175

A New Mechanism for the Free-Rider Problem
Sanghavi, S.; Hajek, B. Page(s): 1176-1183

Uniform Practical Nonlinear Output Regulation
Marconi, L.; Praly, L. Page(s): 1184-1202

Nonlinear Complementary Filters on the Special Orthogonal Group
Mahony, R.; Hamel, T.; Pflimlin, J.-M. Page(s): 1203-1218

Robust Stability of Quasi-Polynomials: Frequency-Sweeping Conditions and Vertex Tests
Jie Chen; Niculescu, S.-I.; Peilin Fu Page(s): 1219-1234

Uniform Asymptotic Stability of Nonlinear Switched Systems With an Application to Mobile Robots
Lee, T.C.; Jiang, Z.P. Page(s): 1235-1252

Reduced-Order Proper $H_infty$ Controllers for Descriptor Systems: Existence Conditions and LMI-Based Design Algorithms Xin, X.; Hara, S.; Kaneda, M. Page(s): 1253-1258

A Note on Spectral Conditions for Positive Realness of Transfer Function Matrices
Shorten, R.N.; Curran, P.; Wulff, K.; Zeheb, E. Page(s): 1258-1261

Analysis and Synthesis of Nonlinear Systems With Uncertain Initial Conditions
Chesi, G.; Hung, Y.S. Page(s): 1262-1267

Some New Results on Strong $gamma_k$ -$gamma_{cl} H_{infty}$ Stabilization
Peng Cheng; Yong-Yan Cao; Youxian Sun Page(s): 1268-1273

Feedforward Control Design for Finite-Time Transition Problems of Nonlinear Systems With Input and Output Constraints Graichen, K.; Zeitz, M. Page(s): 1273-1278

Structural Invariant Subspaces of Singular Hamiltonian Systems and Nonrecursive Solutions of Finite-Horizon Optimal Control Problems Zattoni, E. Page(s): 1279-1284

Short-Period Communication and the Role of Zero-Order Holding in Networked Control Systems
Hristu-Varsakelis, D. Page(s): 1285-1290

Safe Diagnosability of Stochastic Discrete Event Systems
Fuchun Liu; Daowen Qiu Page(s): 1291-1296

Mechanical Control Systems and Kinematic Systems
Lecanda, M.C.M.; Fernandez, F. Page(s): 1297-1302

General Transformation for Block Diagonalization of Multitime-Scale Singularly Perturbed Linear Systems
Prljaca, N.; Gajic, Z. Page(s): 1303-1305

Computational Performance Bounds for Markov Chains With Applications
Morrison, J.R.; Kumar, P.R. Page(s): 1306-1311

Optimal Estimation in Networked Control Systems Subject to Random Delay and Packet Drop
Schenato, L. Page(s): 1311-1317

Temporal Linear System Structure
Van Willigenburg, L.G Page(s): 1318-1323

Nonlinear Stochastic $H_2/H_infty$ Control with $(x,u,v)$-Dependent Noise: Infinite Horizon Case
Weihai Zhang; Gang Feng Page(s): 1323-1328

Determination of Stability With Respect to Positive Orthant for a Class of Positive Nonlinear Systems
Hyungbo Shim; Jo, N.H. Page(s): 1329-1334

Modeling and Analysis of Hybrid Supervisory Systems: A Petri Net Approach (Villani, E. et al.; 2007) [Book review] Koutsoukos, X. Page(s): 1335-1336
IEEE Control Systems Society Information
Page(s): C3-C3