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IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control — Volume: 53  Issue: 6   Date: Jul. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Scanning the Issue
Page(s): 1337-1338

In Memoriam: George S. Axelby(1918–2008)
Kahne, S; ,; Cassandras, G. Page(s): 1339-1340

A Linear Programming Approach to the Synthesis of Fixed-Structure Controllers
Malik, W. A.; Darbha, S.; Bhattacharyya, S. P. Page(s): 1341-1352

Controller Synthesis Free of Analytical Models: Three Term Controllers
Keel, L. H.; Bhattacharyya, S. P. Page(s): 1353-1369

Vehicle Platoons Through Ring Coupling
Rogge, J. A.; Aeyels, D. Page(s): 1370-1377

Traveling Salesperson Problems for the Dubins Vehicle
Savla, K.; Frazzoli, E.; Bullo, F. Page(s): 1378-1391

Optimal Sensor Querying: General Markovian and LQG Models With Controlled Observations
Wu, W.; Arapostathis, A. Page(s): 1392-1405

An Approximate Simulation Approach to Symbolic Control
Tabuada, P. Page(s): 1406-1418

A Dynamic Pickup and Delivery Problem in Mobile Networks Under Information Constraints
Waisanen, H. A.; Shah, D.; Dahleh, M. A. Page(s): 1419-1433

Cooperative Control of Multiple Nonholonomic Mobile Agents
Dong, W.; Farrell, J. A. Page(s): 1434-1448

Supervisory Control Architecture for Discrete-Event Systems
Feng, L.; Wonham, W. M. Page(s): 1449-1461

Stochastic Approximation Approaches to the Stochastic Variational Inequality Problem
Jiang, H.; Xu, H. Page(s): 1462-1475

Structural Properties of Optimal Transmission Policies Over a Randomly Varying Channel
Agarwal, M.; Borkar, V. S.; Karandikar, A. Page(s): 1476-1491

${cal H}_{infty}$ Output-Feedback Control Based on an FIR-Type Quasi-Deadbeat Observer
Kim, S. H.; Park, P. G. Page(s): 1492-1498

Stabilization of Approximately Feedback Linearizable Systems Using Singular Perturbation
Son, J.-W.; Lim, J.-T. Page(s): 1499-1503

On Consensus Algorithms for Double-Integrator Dynamics
Ren, W. Page(s): 1503-1509

Perfect Elimination of Regulation Transients in Discrete-Time LPV Systems via Internally Stabilizable Robust Controlled Invariant Subspaces Zattoni, E. Page(s): 1509-1515

Unit Quaternion-Based Output Feedback for the Attitude Tracking Problem
Tayebi, A. Page(s): 1516-1520

Robust Control of Nonlinear Jump Parameter Systems Governed by Uncertain Chains
Ford, J. J.; Ugrinovskii, V. A. Page(s): 1520-1526

Input-to-State Stability of Time-Delay Systems: A Link With Exponential Stability
Yeganefar, N.; Pepe, P.; Dambrine, M. Page(s): 1526-1531

Off-Line Reference Shaping of Periodic Trajectories for Constrained Systems With Uncertainties
Suzuki, H.; Sugie, T. Page(s): 1531-1535

Design of Switched Linear Systems in the Presence of Actuator Saturation
Lu, L.; Lin, Z. Page(s): 1536-1542

Parallel Optimal Control for Weakly Coupled Nonlinear Systems Using Successive Galerkin Approximation
Kim, Y.-J.; Lim, M.-T. Page(s): 1542-1547

A Parametric Lyapunov Equation Approach to the Design of Low Gain Feedback
Zhou, B.; Duan, G.; Lin, Z. Page(s): 1548-1554

Observability Preservation Under Sensor Failure
Commault, C.; Dion, J.-M.; Trinh, D. H. Page(s): 1554-1559

Modular Implementation of Robust Supervisory Controllers for Discrete Event Systems
Economakos, C.; Koumboulis, F. N. Page(s): 1559-1563

Discretization Effect on Equivalent Control-Based Multi-Input Sliding-Mode Control Systems
Yu, X.; Wang, B.; Galias, Z.; Chen, G. Page(s): 1563-1569

Feedback Control of Dynamic Bipedal Robot Locomotion
Aldrich, J.B. Page(s): 1570-1572

IEEE Control Systems Society Information
Page(s): C3-C3