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IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control — Volume: 53  Issue: 1   Date: Jan. 2008

Table of Contents

TA Note From the Editors
Basu, S.; Cassandras, C. G., Page(s): 3-3

Guest Editorial Special Issue on Systems Biology
Khammash, M.; Tomlin, C. J.; Vidyasagar, M., Page(s): 4-7

Appreciation of the Machinations of the Blind Watchmaker
Arkin, A.; Doyle, J., Page(s): 8-9

Structural Alignment of RNAs Using Profile-csHMMs and Its Application to RNA Homology Search: Overview and New Results

Byung-Jun Yoon; Vaidyanathan, P.P., Page(s): 10-25

The 4M (Mixed Memory Markov Model) Algorithm for Finding Genes in Prokaryotic Genomes
Vidyasagar, M.; Mande, S.S.; Reddy, C.V.S.K.; Rao, V.V.R. ,Page(s): 26-37

Subtilin Production by Bacillus Subtilis: Stochastic Hybrid Models and Parameter Identification
Cinquemani, E.; Porreca, R.; Ferrari-Trecate, G.; Lygeros, J., Page(s): 38-50

Stochastic Modeling and Control of Biological Systems: The Lactose Regulation System of Escherichia ColiJulius, A.A.; Halasz, A.; Sakar, M.S.; Rubin, H.; Kumar, V.; Pappas, G.J., Page(s): 51-65

Further Results on Stabilization of Periodic Trajectories for a Chemostat With Two Species

Mazenc, F.; Malisoff, M.; Harmand, J.
Page(s): 66-74

A Passivity-Based Approach to Stability of Spatially Distributed Systems With a Cyclic Interconnection Structure

Jovanovic, M.R.; Arcak, M.; Sontag, E.D.
Page(s): 75-86

Bistable Biological Systems: A Characterization Through Local Compact Input-to-State Stability
Chaves, M.; Eissing, T.; Allgwer, F.
Page(s): 87-100

Model for Photosynthesis and Photoinhibition: Parameter Identification Based on the Harmonic Irradiation $O_{2}$ Response Measurement
Rehak, B.; Celikovsky, S.; Papacek, S.
Page(s): 101-108

An Adjoint-Based Parameter Identification Algorithm Applied to Planar Cell Polarity Signaling
Raffard, R.L.; Amonlirdviman, K.; Axelrod, J.D.; Tomlin, C.J.
Page(s): 109-121

Passivity and Optimal Control of Descriptor Biological Complex Systems
Peiyong Liu; Qingling Zhang; Xiaoguang Yang; Li Yang
Page(s): 122-125

Systems Analysis of Regulatory Processes Underlying Eukaryotic Gradient Perception
Krishnan, J.; Iglesias, P.A.
Page(s): 126-138

Controllability Analysis of Biosystems Based on Piecewise-Affine Systems Approach
Azuma, S.; Yanagisawa, E.; Imura, J.
Page(s): 139-152

The Switching Threshold Reconstruction Problem for Piecewise-Affine Models of Genetic Regulatory Networks
Drulhe, S.; Ferrari-Trecate, G.; de Jong, H.
Page(s): 153-165

Oscillations in I/O Monotone Systems Under Negative Feedback

Angeli, D.; Sontag, E.D.
Page(s): 166-176

Sensitivity Measures for Oscillating Systems: Application to Mammalian Circadian Gene Network

Taylor, S.R.; Gunawan, R.; Petzold, L.R.; Doyle, F.J.
Page(s): 177-188

Noise in Gene Regulatory Networks
Lestas, I.; Paulsson, J.; Ross, N.E.; Vinnicombe, G.
Page(s): 189-200

The Finite State Projection Approach for the Analysis of Stochastic Noise in Gene Networks
Munsky, B.; Khammash, M.
Page(s): 201-214
Logic Analysis of Gene Networks Under Parameter Uncertainty
Batt, G.; Belta, C.; Weiss, R.
Page(s): 215-229

Clinical Tests of Therapeutical Failures Based on Mathematical Modeling of the HIV Infection
Ouattara, D.A.; Mhawej, M.-J.; Moog, C.H.
Page(s): 230-241

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems—I: Regular Papers blank page
Page(s): C4-C4