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IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control — Volume: 53  Issue: 3   Date: Apr. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control publication information,Page(s): C2-C2

Scanning the Issue ,Page(s): 641-642

Exponential Stabilization of a Rayleigh Beam Using Collocated Control ,Weiss, G.; Curtain, R. F.Page(s): 643-654

Network-Based ${{cal H}}_{!!!infty }$ Output Tracking Control ,Gao, H.; Chen , T.Page(s): 655-667

Optimal Control of Underactuated Nonholonomic Mechanical Systems ,Hussein, I. I.; Bloch, A. M.Page(s): 668-682

Stabilization and Destabilization of Nonlinear Differential Equations by Noise ,Appleby, J.A.D.; Mao, X.; Rodkina, A.
Page(s): 683-691

Optimal Multi-Agent Coordination Under Tree Formation Constraints ,Zhang , W.; Hu, J.Page(s): 692-705

Stabilization of Planar Collective Motion With Limited Communication ,Sepulchre, R.; Paley,  Page(s): 706-719

Dynamic Output Feedback Control of Switched Linear Systems ,Geromel, J. C.; Colaneri, P.; Bolzern, P.Page(s): 720-733

Smooth Lyapunov Functions for Hybrid Systems Part II: (Pre)Asymptotically Stable Compact Sets
Cai, C.; Teel, A. R.; Goebel , R.Page(s): 734-748

Effective Capacity and QoS for Wireless Scheduling ,Shakkottai, S.Page(s): 749-761

Algebraic Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Controllability of Conewise Linear Systems
Camlibel, M. K.; Heemels , W. P. M. H.; Schumacher, J. M.Page(s): 762-774

Flatness-Based Control of a Single Qubit Gate ,Silva, P.S.P.D.; Rouchon, P.Page(s): 775-779

Global Random Optimization by Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation,
Maryak, J. L.; Chin, D. C.Page(s): 780-783

Markov Chains, Entropy, and Fundamental Limitations in Nonlinear Stabilization
Mehta, P. G.; Vaidya, U.; Banaszuk, A. Page(s): 784-791

A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Consensus Over Random Networks
Tahbaz-Salehi, A.; Jadbabaie, A.Page(s): 791-795

On Controllability of Switched Linear Systems Ji, Z.; Wang, L.; Guo, X.Page(s): 796-801

Memoryless State Feedback Controller Design for Time Delay Systems With Matched Uncertain Nonlinearities
Hua, C.-C.; Wang, Q. -G.; Guan, X. -P.Page(s): 801-807

Finite-Time Parameter Estimation in Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems
Adetola, V.; Guay, M.Page(s): 807-811

Solution to Generalized Sylvester Matrix Equations ,Wu, A.-G.; Duan, G.-R.; Zhou, B.Page(s): 811-815

${cal L}_1$ Adaptive Output Feedback Controller for Systems of Unknown Dimension
Cao, C.; Hovakimyan, N. Page(s): 815-821

A Dissipation Inequality for the Minimum Phase Property ,Ebenbauer, C.; AllgÖwer, F.Page(s): 821-826

A Note on the Properties of the Supremal Controllable Sublanguage in Pushdown Systems ,Griffin, C.Page(s): 826-829

State Feedback Control of Uncertain Networked Control Systems With Random Time Delays
Huang, D.; Nguang, S. K.Page(s): 829-834

Nonlinear Blind Parameter Estimation ,Lagrange, S.; Jaulin, L.; Vigneron, V.; Jutten, C.Page(s): 834-838

An Alternative LP Formulation of the Admission Control Problem in Multiclass Networks ,Pietrabissa, A.Page(s): 839-

Unscented Rauch--Tung--Striebel Smoother ,SÄrkkÄ, S. Page(s): 845-849