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IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation — Volume: 56 Issue: 9   Date: Sept. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation publication information Page(s): C2-C2

Implementation and Experimental Verification of a Smart Antenna System Operating at 60 GHz Band
Celik, N.; Iskander, M. F.; Emrick, R.; Franson, S. J.; Holmes, J. Page(s): 2790-

Rigorous Analysis of Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna With a Finite Ground Plane
Baghaee, R. M.; Neshati, M. H.; Mohassel, J. R. Page(s): 2801-2809

The Trapezoidal Dielectric Resonator Antenna Almpanis, G.; Fumeaux, C.; Vahldieck, R. V. Page(s): 2810-2816

Analysis and Design of Sub-Wavelength Resonant Cavity Type 2-D Leaky-Wave Antennas
Kelly, J. R.; Kokkinos, T.; Feresidis, A. P. Page(s): 2817-2825

Circularly-Polarized Wide Slot Antenna Loaded With a Parasitic Patch

Row, J.-S.; Wu, S.-W. Page(s): 2826-2832

Varactor-Loaded H-Shaped Antenna With Radiation Pattern Control
Iizuka, H.; Hall, P. S.; Sugiura, S.; Sato, K. Page(s): 2833-2840

Eigenmode Analysis of Small Multielement Spherical Antennas
Stuart, H. R. Page(s): 2841-2851

The Radiation Properties of a Novel Wire Antenna for the Security Fence Radar
Salman, A. O.; Dibekci, D.; Gavrilov, S. P.; Vertiy, A. A. Page(s): 2852-2864

60-GHz Patch Antennas and Arrays on LTCC With Embedded-Cavity Substrates
Lamminen, A. E. I.; Saily, J.; Vimpari, A. R. Page(s): 2865-2874

Design of a Multiresonator Loaded Band-Rejected Ultrawideband Planar Monopole Antenna With Controllable Notched Bandwidth Ma, T.-G.; Hua, R.-C.; Chou, C.-F.
Page(s): 2875-2883

Frequency Notched UWB Planar Monopole Antenna Optimization Using a Finite Element Method-Based Approach Martinez-Fernandez, J.; de la Rubia, V.; Gil, J. M.; Zapata, J. Page(s): 2884-2893

Development of Ultrawideband Antenna With Multiple Band-Notched Characteristics Using Half Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity Technology
Dong, Y. D.; Hong, W.; Kuai, Z. Q.; Yu, C.; Zhang, Y.; Zhou, J. Y.; Chen, J.-X. Page(s): 2894-2902

Design of a Monopulse Antenna Using a Dual V-Type Linearly Tapered Slot Antenna (DVLTSA)
Cheng, Y. J.; Hong, W.; Wu, K. Page(s): 2903-2909

Zooming and Scanning Gregorian Confocal Dual Reflector Antennas
Martinez-Lorenzo, J. A.; Garcia-Pino, A.; Gonzalez-Valdes, B.; Rappaport, C. M.
Page(s): 2910-2919

A Beam-Steering Antenna Array Using Injection Locked Coupled Oscillators With Self-Tuning of Oscillator Free-Running Frequencies Yan, S.-H.; Chu, T.-H. Page(s): 2920-2928

Compact Switched-Beam Antenna Employing a Four-Element Slot Antenna Array for Digital Home Applications Lai, M.-I.; Wu, T.-Y.; Hsieh, J.-C.; Wang, C.-H.; Jeng, S.-K Page(s): 2929-2936

A Scan Blindness Model for Single-Polarized Tapered-Slot Arrays in Triangular Grids
Ellgardt, A. Page(s): 2937-2942

A GW Level High-Power Radial Line Helical Array Antenna
Li, X.-Q.; Liu, Q.-X.; Wu, X.-J.; Zhao, L.; Zhang, J.-Q.; Zhang, Z.-Q. Page(s): 2943-2948

Comparison Between Arrays of Rotating Linearly Polarized Elements and Circularly Polarized Elements
Bhattacharyya, A. K. Page(s): 2949-2954

Reducing the Number of Elements in a Linear Antenna Array by the Matrix Pencil Method
Liu, Y.; Nie, Z.; Liu, Q. H. Page(s): 2955-2962

Super-Resolution Focusing Using Volumetric, Broadband NRI Media
Rudolph, S. M.; Grbic, A. Page(s): 2963-2969

THz Thermal Radiation Enhancement Using an Electromagnetic Crystal
Xin, H.; Wu, Z.; Young, A.; Ziolkowski, R. Page(s): 2970-2980

An Effective NF-FF Transformation Technique With Planar Spiral Scanning Tailored For Quasi-Planar Antennas D'Agostino, F.; Ferrara, F.; Gennarelli, C.; Guerriero, R.; Migliozzi, M. Page(s): 2981-2987

Scattered-Field FDTD Algorithm for Hot Anisotropic Plasma With Application to EC Heating
Tsironis, C.; Samaras, T.; Vlahos, L. Page(s): 2988-2994

An Improved New Implementation of Complex Frequency Shifted PML for the FDTD Method
Giannopoulos, A. Page(s): 2995-3000

Spectral Elements for the Integral Equations of Time-Harmonic Maxwell Problems
Demaldent, E.; Levadoux, D. P.; Cohen, G. Page(s): 3001-3010

On the Direct Evaluation of Weakly Singular Integrals in Galerkin Mixed Potential Integral Equation Formulations Polimeridis, A. G.; Yioultsis, T. V. Page(s): 3011-3019

Finite Element Analysis of Periodic Structures Without Constrained Meshes

de la Rubia, V.; Zapata, J.; Gonzalez, M. A. Page(s): 3020-3028

High-Frequency Bistatic Scattering by Depolarizing, Nearly Omnidirectional Reflectors: Higher Order Polyhedral Reflectors
  Kubicke, G.; Bourlier, C.; Saillard, J. Page(s): 3029-3035

Direct Time Domain Analysis of an UWB Pulse Distortion by Convex Objects With the Slope Diffraction Included Gorniak, P.; Bandurski, W. Page(s): 3036-3044

Slotted Waveguide Antenna With Two Radiation Nulls
Mondal, P.; Chakrabarty, A. Page(s): 3045-3049 

Street Furniture Antenna Radiation Pattern Control Using AMC Surfaces
Ford, K. L.; Rigelsford, J. M.  Page(s): 3049-3052

Reconfigurable Patch Antenna for Polarization Diversity
Sung, Y. J.  Page(s): 3053-3054 

Millimeter-Wave Substrate Integrated Waveguide Multibeam Antenna Based on the Parabolic Reflector Principle Cheng, Y. J.; Hong, W.; Wu, K. Page(s): 3055-3058

Comparative Design and Analysis of Luneburg and Half Maxwell Fish-Eye Lens Antennas
Fuchs, B.; Lafond, O.; Palud, S.; Le Coq, L.; Himdi, M.; Buck, M. C.; Rondineau, S. Page(s): 3058-3062 

Planar Ultrawideband Antennas With Multiple Notched Bands Based on Etched Slots on the Patch and/or Split Ring Resonators on the Feed Line Zhang, Y.; Hong, W.; Yu, C.; Kuai, Z.-Q.; Don, Y.-D.; Zhou, J.-Y. Page(s): 3063-3068

Application of Hybrid FETD-FDTD Method in the Modeling and Analysis of Antennas
Venkatarayalu, N. V.; Gan, Y.-B.; Lee, R.; Li, L.-W.  Page(s): 3068-3072

Time-Reversal Ultrawideband Breast Imaging: Pulse Design Criteria Considering Multiple Tumors With Unknown Tissue Properties Chen, Y.; Gunawan, E.; Low, K. S.; Wang, S.-C.; Soh, C. B.; Putti, T. C. Page(s): 3073-3077 

A Hybrid UTD-PO Solution for Multiple-Cylinder Diffraction Analysis Assuming Spherical-Wave Incidence
Rodriguez, J.-V.; Molina-Garcia-Pardo, J.-M.; Juan-Llacer, L.  Page(s): 3078-3081

An Investigation on UWB-MIMO Communication Systems Based on an Experimental Channel Characterization  Migliore, M. D.; Pinchera, D.; Massa, A.; Azaro, R.; Schettino, F.; Lizzi, L. Page(s): 3081-3083 

Comments on “A Novel Planar Switched Parasitic Array Antenna With Steered Conical Pattern”
Palantei, E.; Thiel, D. V. Page(s): 3084-3084 

Reply to “Comments on `A Novel Planar Switched Parasitic Array Antenna With Steered Conical Pattern'”
Chen, W. H.; Sun, J. W.; Wang, X.; Feng., Z. H.  Page(s): 3084-3085 

Comments on “Statistics of the Degree of PolarizationTao, L., and Page: 3085-3086

Reply to “Comments on `Statistics of the Degree of Polarization'”  del Rio, V. S.; Mosquera, J. M. P.; Isasa, M. V.; de Lorenzo, M. E. Page(s): 3086-3086,

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