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IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation — Volume: 56 Issue: 10   Date: Oct. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Conceptual Topology for the Integration of Planar and Quasi 3D Antennas in Chip Packages
Vandenbosch, G. A. E.; Mestdagh, S. Page(s): 3090-3096

Printed Wide-Slot Antenna for Wideband Applications
Dastranj, A.; Imani, A.; Naser-Moghaddasi, M. Page(s): 3097-3102

Demonstration of a Shaped Beam Reflectarray Using Aperture-Coupled Delay Lines for LMDS Central Station Antenna Carrasco, E.; Arrebola, M.; Encinar, J. A.; Barba, M. Page(s): 3103-3111

Design and Measurement of Reconfigurable Millimeter Wave Reflectarray Cells With Nematic Liquid Crystal Hu, W.; Cahill, R.; Encinar, J. A.; Dickie, R.; Gamble, H.; Fusco, V.; Grant, N. Page(s): 3112-3117

An Investigation of Printed Franklin Antennas at X-Band Using Artificial (Metamaterial) Phase-Shifting Lines Wang, P. P.; Antoniades, M. A.; Eleftheriades, G. V. Page(s): 3118-3128

Investigation into Polarization of Unloaded and Loaded Microstrip Square-Ring Antennas
Oh, S.-S.; Shafai, L. Page(s): 3129-3135

High-Efficiency Angled-Dipole Antennas for Millimeter-Wave Phased Array Applications

Alhalabi, R. A.; Rebeiz, G. M. Page(s): 3136-3142

Leaky-Wave Slot Array Antenna Fed by a Dual Reflector System

Ettorre, M.; Neto, A.; Gerini, G.; Maci, S. Page(s): 3143-3149

2-D DOA Estimation in the Presence of Mutual Coupling
Ye, Z.; Liu, C. Page(s): 3150-3158

Near-Field Focusing Plates and Their Design Grbic, A.; Merlin, R. Page(s): 3159-3165

Higher Order Multipole Model of a Thin-Wire Helix Meiners, C.; Richter, M. D.; Jacob, A. F. Page(s): 3166-3172

Backward Wave Microstrip Lines With Complementary Spiral Resonators
Isik, O.; Esselle, K. P. Page(s): 3173-3178

On Electromagnetics and Information Theory  Migliore, M. D. Page(s): 3188-3200

An Analysis of Scattering Caused by Dielectric Bodies Using Semi-Analytic Methods Serebrennikov, A. M.
Page(s): 3201-3209

On the Common Nature of the Enhanced and Resonance Transmission Through the Periodical Set of Holesn Kirilenko, A. A.; Perov, A. O. Page(s): 3210-3216

Applicability of MUSIC-Type Imaging in Two-Dimensional Electromagnetic Inverse Problems
Agarwal, K.; Chen, X. Page(s): 3217-3223

A Hybrid Approach to 3D Microwave Imaging by Using Linear Sampling and ACO
Brignone, M.; Bozza, G.; Randazzo, A.; Piana, M.; Pastorino, M. Page(s): 3224-3232

Polarization Extraction in Planar Near-Field Phaseless Measurements

Razavi, S.-F.; Rahmat-Samii, Y. Page(s): 3233-3240

A 2–40 GHz Probe Station Based Setup for On-Wafer Antenna Measurements
Van Caekenberghe, K.; Brakora, K. M.; Hong, W.; Jumani, K.; Liao Page(s): 3241-3247

An Improved Thin Wire Representation for FDTD Computations
Taniguchi, Y.; Baba, Y.; Nagaoka, N.; Ametani, A. A. Page(s): 3248-3252

Modelling of Microstrip Circuit Using a Hybrid PEEC/FDTD Approach
Ren, K.; Railton, C. J. Page(s): 3253-3259

A Novel Efficient Technique for the Calculation of the Green's Functions in Rectangular Waveguides Based on Accelerated Series Decomposition  Soler, F. J. P.; Pereira, F. D. Q.; Rebenaque, D. C.; Melcon, A. A.; Mosig, J. R.Page(s): 3260-3270

Inhomogeneous Markov Approach to Percolation Theory Based Propagation in Random Media
Bender, A.; Rainsford, T.
Page(s): 3271-3284

Service Area Expansion of Quasi-Millimeter FWA Systems Through Site Diversity Based on Detailed Rainfall Intensity Data

Maruyama, T.; Shirato, Y.; Akimoto, M.; Nakatsugawa, M.
Page(s): 3285-3292

Evaluation of Diversity and Power Control Techniques for Satellite Communication Systems in Tropical and Equatorial Rain Climates

Pan, Q. W.; Allnutt, J. E.; Tsui, C.
Page(s): 3293-3301

VHF General Urban Path Loss Model for Short Range Ground-to-Ground Communications

Andrusenko, J.; Miller, R. L.; Abrahamson, J. A.; Merheb Emanuelli, N. M.; Pattay, R. S.; Shuford, R. M.
Page(s): 3302-3310

Design of Band-Notched Ultrawideband Square Aperture Antenna With a Hat-Shaped Back-Patch
Sze, J.-Y.; Shiu, J.-Y.
Page(s): 3311-3314

Characterization of the Input Impedance of the Inset-Fed Rectangular Microstrip Antenna
Hu, Y.; Jackson, D. R.; Williams, J. T.; Long, S. A.; Komanduri, V. R.
Page(s): 3314-3318

Dual-Frequency Planar Inverted F-L-Antenna (PIFLA) for WLAN and ShortRange Communication Systems

See, C. H.; Abd-Alhameed, R. A.; Zhou, D.; Excell, P. S. Page(s): 3318-3320

A Technique of Bandwidth Enhancement for the Slot Antenna Wang, C.-J.; Chang, S.-W. Page(s): 3321-3324

Analysis Method of Microstrip Antennas on Hemispherical Multilayer Structures
Giang, T. V. B.; Dreher, A. Page(s): 3324-3327

Antenna System Supporting Multiple Frequency Bands and Multiple Beams

Rao, S. K.; Hsu, C.-C.; Chan, K. K. Page(s): 3327-3329

Multipanel Concept for Wide-Angle Scanning of Phased Array Antennas
Toshev, A. G. Page(s): 3330-3333

Scattering of ${rm H}$-polarized Wave by a Periodic Array of Thick-Walled Parallel Plate Waveguides
Tasinkevych, Y. Page(s): 3333-3337

On the Comparison Between the Spherical Wave Expansion and the Sources Reconstruction Method
Alvarez, Y.; Las-Heras, F.; Pino, M. R. Page(s): 3337-3341

A Modified Holographic Technique for Planar Near-Field Antenna Measurements
Leach, M. P.; Smith, D.; Skobelev, S. P. Page(s): 3342-3345

Stability and Numerical Dispersion Analysis of a 3D Hybrid Implicit-Explicit FDTD Method

Xiao, F.; Tang, X.; Wang, L. Page(s): 3346-3350

Statistical Distribution of Integrated Liquid Water and Water Vapor Content From Meteorological Reanalysis Jeannin, N.; Feral, L.; Sauvageot, H.; Castanet, L. Page(s): 3350-3355

A Generalized Time-Stepping Algorithm for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Ferrite Media
Adams, R. S.; Young, J. L. Page(s): 3355-3359

A Time-Efficient Near-Field Scattering Method Applied to Radio-Coverage Simulation in Urban Microcellular Environments
Papkelis, E. G.; Anastassiu, H. T.; Frangos, P. V. Page(s): 3359-3363

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Page(s): C4-C4