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IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation — Volume: 56  Issue: 5   Date: May. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Two-Port Representation of an Antenna With Application to Non-Foster Matching Networks Aberle, J. T. Page(s): 1218-1222

Wideband Planar Folded Dipole Antenna With Self-balanced Impedance Property
Tanaka, S.; Kim, Y.; Morishita, H.; Horiuchi, S.; Page(s): 1223-1228

Two-Arm Sinuous Antennas
Buck, M. C.; Filipovic, D. S. Page(s): 1229-1235

Small-Size X-Band Active Integrated Antenna With Feedback Loop
Mueller, C. H.; Lee, R. Q.; Romanofsky, R. R.; Kory, C. L Page(s): 1236-1241

Novel Wideband Directional Dipole Antenna on a Mushroom Like EBG Structure
Azad, M. Z.; Ali, M. Page(s): 1242-1250

Compact Ka-Band Lens Antennas for LEO Satellites
Costa, J. R.; Fernandes, C. A.; Godi, G.; Sauleau, R Page(s): 1251-1258

A First/Third-Order Probe Correction Technique for Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurements Using Three Probe Orientations Laitinen, T.; Page(s): 1259-1268

Analysis and Particle Swarm Optimization of Correlator Antenna Arrays for Radio Astronomy Applications Jin, N.; Rahmat-Samii, Y. Page(s): 1269-1279

Leaky Wave Enhanced Feed Arrays for the Improvement of the Edge of Coverage Gain in Multibeam Reflector Antennas Llombart, N.; Neto, A.; Page(s): 1280-1291

The MMSE Algorithm and Mutual Coupling for Adaptive Arrays
Huang, Z.; Balanis, C. A. Page(s): 1292-1296

A Novel Adaptive Beamformer Based on Semidefinite Programming (SDP) With Magnitude Response Constraints Yu, Z. L.; Er, M. H.; Ser, W. Page(s): 1297-1307

Tunable Frequency Selective Surfaces and Negative-Zero-Positive Index Metamaterials Based on Liquid Crystals Bossard, J. A.; Liang, X Page(s): 1308-1320

Numerical and Experimental Parameter Study of Helix Layers
Meiners, C.; Jacob, A. F. Page(s): 1321-1328

Directive Leaky-Wave Radiation From a Dipole Source in a Wire-Medium Slab
Burghignoli, P.; Lovat, G.; Capolino, F.; Jackson, D. R Page(s): 1329-1339
Efficient Procedures for the Optimization of Frequency Selective Surfaces
Fallahi, A.; Mishrikey, M.; Hafner, C.; Vahldieck, R. Page(s): 1340-1349

Two-Dimensional Discrete Complex Image Method (DCIM) for Closed-Form Green's Function of Arbitrary 3D Structures in General Multilayered Media
Yuan, M.; Zhang, Y.; De, A.; Ji, Z.; Sarkar, T. K. Page(s): 1350-1357

TM and TE Diffraction by a Perfectly Conducting Half-Plane in Presence of a Perfectly Conducting Strip: Solution by Exponentially Converging Nystrom Tsalamengas, J. L. Page(s): 1358-1367

An IE-ODDM-MLFMA Scheme With DILU Preconditioner for Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering From Large Complex Objects
Li, W.-D.; Hong, W.; Zhou, H.-X. Page(s): 1368-1380

An Improved Multilevel Green's Function Interpolation Method With Adaptive Phase Compensation Li, L.; Wang, H. G.; Chan, C. H. Page(s): 1381-1393

A Hybrid Fast Multipole Pseudo-Spectral Time Domain Method
Ooi, B. L.; Fan, Y. J.; Hristov, H. D.; Feick, R.;  Page(s): 1394-1401

Markov Approach to Percolation Theory Based Propagation in Random Media
Rainsford, T.; Bender, A. Page(s): 1402-1412

The Impact of Reflections From Stratified Building Materials on the Wave Propagation in Future Indoor Terahertz Communication Systems
Jansen, C.; Piesiewicz, R.; Mittleman, D.; Kurner, T Page(s): 1413-1419

Multiple Time-Domain Diffraction for UWB Signals
Karousos, A.; Tzaras, C. Page(s): 1420-1427

Design of a Compact Tri-Band PIFA Based on Independent Control of the Resonant Frequencies Kim, D.; Lee, J. W.; Cho, C. S.; Lee, T. K. Page(s): 1428-1436

Design of an Internal Multiresonant Monopole Antenna for GSM900/DCS1800/US-PCS/S-DMB Operation Hong, S.; Kim, W.; Park, H.; Kahng, S.; Page(s): 1437-1443

The Influence of Efficiency on Receive Diversity and MIMO Capacity for Rayleigh-Fading Channels Valenzuela-Valdes, J. F.; Garcia-Fernandez, Page(s): 1444-1450

An Integrated Overview of the Open Literature's Empirical Data on the Indoor Radiowave Channel's Delay Properties Awad, M. K.; Wong, K. T Page(s): 1451-1468

Single-fed Circularly Polarized Antenna Element With Reduced Coupling for GPS Arrays Zhou, Y.; Chen, C. -C.; Volakis, J. L. Page(s): 1469-1472

A High-Isolation, Wideband and Dual-Linear Polarization Patch Antenna
Barba, M. Page(s): 1472-1476

An Electromagnetically Coupled UWB Plate Antenna
See, T. S. P.; Chen, Z. N. Page(s): 1476-1479

Full-Wave Simulation of Time Modulated Linear Antenna Arrays in Frequency Domain Zhu, X.; Yang, S.; Nie, Z. Page(s): 1479-1482

Efficient Solution of Integral-Equation Based Electromagnetic Problems With the Use of Macromodels Kucharski, A. A. Page(s): 1482-1487

Sampling Procedures for Resonance Based Radar Target Identification
Lui, H. S.; Shuley, N. V. Z. Page(s): 1487-1491

Self-Compensating Antenna Concept for a Dispersionless UWB Propagation Channel Tyo, J. S. Page(s): 1491-1494

A MIMO Channel Model Based on the Nakagami-Faded Spatial Eigenmodes
Matthaiou, M.; Laurenson, D. I.; Thompson, J. S. Page(s): 1494-1497

A Wideband Single Chip Inductor-Loaded CPW-Fed Inductive Slot Antenna
Yu, C.-C.; Lin, X.-C. Page(s): 1498-1501

Comments on “L-Shape 2-Dimensional Arrival Angle Estimation With Propagator Method” Shu, T.; Liu, X.; Lu, J. Page(s): 1502-1503

Reply to “Comments on `L-Shape Two-Dimensional Arrival Angle Estimation With Propagator Method'” Tayem, N.; Kwon, H. M. Page(s): 1503-1506

Comments on “A Novel Broadband Printed Dipole Antenna With Low Cross-Polarization” Holzman, E. Page(s): 1506-1506

Reply to “Comments on ‘A Novel Broadband Printed Dipole Antenna With Low Cross-Polarization’” Yang, S.; Zhou, Z.; Nie, Z. Page(s): 1506-1506

Errata to “Improved Formulation for Investigation of Proximity-Coupled Microstrip Antenna in Homogeneous Dielectric Half Space” [Apr 08 927-932]
Mall, L. Page(s): 1507-1507

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation information for authors
Page(s): C3-C3

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation institutional listings
Page(s): C4-C4