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IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation — Volume: 56  Issue: 3   Date: March. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation publication information ,Page(s): C2-C2

A Comparison of Two and Three Dimensional Dipole Antennas for an Implantable Retinal Prosthesis
Soora, S.; Gosalia, K.; Humayun, M. S.; Lazzi, G.Page(s): 622-629

A Novel Single-Feed Circular Microstrip Antenna With Reconfigurable Polarization Capability
Kim, B.; Pan, B.; Nikolaou, S.; Kim, Y.-S.; Papapolymerou, J.; Tentzeris, M. M.Page(s): 630-638

Stub-Loaded Long-Wire Monopoles Optimized for High Gain Performance
Werner, P. L.; Bayraktar, Z.; Rybicki, B.; Werner, D. H.; Schlager, K. J.; Linden, D.Page(s): 639-644

Dual-Frequency Dual-Sense Circularly-Polarized Slot Antenna Fed by Microstrip Line
Bao, X.; Ammann, M. J.Page(s): 645-649

Observing the Moon at Microwave Frequencies Using a Large-Diameter Deep Space Network Antenna
Morabito, D. D.; Imbriale, W. A.; Keihm, S.Page(s): 650-660

Patch Fed Planar Dielectric Slab Extended Hemi-Elliptical Lens Antenna ,Xue, L.; Fusco, V.
Low Profile GALILEO Antenna Using EBG Technology
Baggen, R.; Martinez-Vazquez, M.; Leiss, J.; Holzwarth, S.; Drioli, L. S.; de Maagt, P.Page(s): 667-674

A Compact Slot Antenna Utilizing a Right/Left-Handed Transmission Line Feed
Wang, Y.-S.; Hsu, M.-F.; Chung, S.-J.Page(s): 675-683

Power and ${rm Q}$ of a Horizontal Dipole Over a Metamaterial Coated Conducting Surface
Hirvonen, M.; Sten, J. C.-E.Page(s): 684-690

Metamaterial-Inspired Efficient Electrically Small Antennas Erentok, A.; Ziolkowski, R. W.Page(s): 691-707

A CPS Leaky-Wave Antenna With Reduced Beam Squinting Using NRI-TL Metamaterials
Antoniades, M. A.; Eleftheriades, G. V.Page(s): 708-721

Investigation of a Boundary Integral Equation ${mbi n} times {mbi H} = {mbi J}_{s}$ on Torus-Shaped Perfect Conductors,Sugahara, K.Page(s): 722-727

New Physical Optics Approach for an Efficient Treatment of Multiple Bounces in Curved Bodies Defined by an Impedance Boundary Condition ,Catedra, M. F.; Delgado, C.; Gonzalez Diego, I.Page(s): 728-736

Fully Probe-Corrected Near-Field Far-Field Transformation Employing Plane Wave Expansion and Diagonal Translation Operators ,Schmidt, C. H.; Leibfritz, M. M.; Eibert, T. F.Page(s): 737-746

Dyadic Green's Functions for an Anisotropic, Non-Local Model of Biased Graphene ,Hanson, G. W.Page(s): 747-757

Assessment of FDTD Accuracy in the Compact Hemielliptic Dielectric Lens Antenna Analysis
Boriskin, A. V.; Rolland, A.; Sauleau, R.; Nosich, A. I.Page(s): 758-764

A 3-D Enlarged Cell Technique (ECT) for the Conformal FDTD Method ,Xiao, T.; Liu, Q. H.Page(s): 765-773

Fully Coupled Hybrid FEM-UTD Method Using NURBS for the Analysis of Radiation Problems
Fernandez-Recio, R.; Garcia-Castillo, L.-E.; Gomez-Revuelto, I.; Salazar-Palma, M.Page(s): 774-783

Application of the Characteristic Basis Function Method Utilizing a Class of Basis and Testing Functions Defined on NURBS Patches ,Delgado, C.; Catedra, M. F.; Mittra, R.Page(s): 784-791

A Warning About Metamaterials for Users of Frequency-Domain Numerical Simulators
Oliveri, G.; Raffetto, M.Page(s): 792-798

Stabilization of Integral-Equation Formulations for the Accurate Solution of Scattering Problems Involving Low-Contrast Dielectric Objects,Ergul, O.; Gurel, L.Page(s): 799-805

Terminal-to-Terminal Hybrid Full-Wave Simulation of Low-Profile, Electrically-Small, Near-Ground Antennas
Liao, D.; Sarabandi, K.Page(s): 806-814

1-Min Rain Rate Statistics Predictions From 1-Hour Rain Rate Statistics Measurements
Capsoni, C.; Luini, L.Page(s): 815-824

Multistatic Response Matrix of Spherical Scatterers and the Back-Propagation of Singular Fields
Iakovleva, E.; Lesselier, D.Page(s): 825-833

On the Sensitivity of Time-Reversal Imaging Techniques to Model Perturbations
Yavuz, M. E.; Teixeira, F. L.Page(s): 834-843

Analysis and Design of a Polarizer Rotator System ,Lech, R.; Mazur, M.; Mazur, J.Page(s): 844-847
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/TAP.2008.916973

Analysis of Multipath Propagation in Urban Environment Through Multidimensional Measurements and Advanced Ray Tracing Simulation ,Fuschini, F.; El-Sallabi, H.; Degli-Esposti, V.; Vuokko, L.; Guiducci, D.; Vainikainen, P.Page(s): 848-857

Integration of a Pulse Generator on Chip Into a Compact Ultrawideband Antenna
Vorobyov, A. V.; Bagga, S.; Yarovoy, A. G.; Haddad, S. A. P.; Serdijn, W. A.; Long, J. R.; Irahhauten ,Page(s): 858-868

Design and Evaluation of a Reconfigurable Antenna Array for MIMO Systems
Piazza, D.; Kirsch, N. J.; Forenza, A.; Heath, R. W.; Dandekar, K. R.Page(s): 869-881

Compact Circularly Polarized Rectenna With Unbalanced Circular Slots
Yo, T.-C.; Lee, C.-M.; Hsu, C.-M.; Luo, C.-H.Page(s): 882-886

A Novel Radiator for a 2.4 GHz Wireless Unit to Monitor Rail Stress and Strain
Browne, K. E.; Chen, C.-C.; Volakis, J. L.Page(s): 887-892

E-Shape Patch With Wideband and Circular Polarization for Millimeter-Wave Communication
He, W.; Jin, R.; Geng, J.Page(s): 893-895

Printed Omni-Directional UWB Monopole Antenna With Very Compact Size
Wu, Q.; Jin, R.; Geng, J.; Ding, M.Page(s): 896-899

Monopolar Patch Antenna With Dual-Band and Wideband Operations ,Lin, S.-J.; Row, J.-S.Page(s): 900-903

Wideband Smaller Unit-Cell Planar EBG Structures and Their Application ,Abedin, M. F.; Azad, M. Z.; Page(s): 903-908

Experimental Analysis of a Wideband Adaptive-MIMO Antenna ,Pinchera, D.; Wallace, J. W.; Migliore, Page(s): 908-913

A Bandwidth Estimation Approach for the Asymptotic Waveform Evaluation Technique ,Peng, Z.; Sheng,Page(s): 913-917

Correction to “Transmission-Line Networks Cloaking Objects From Electromagnetic Fields” [Feb 08 416-424]
Alitalo, P.; Luukkonen, O.; Jylha, L.; Venermo, J.; Tretyakov, S. A.Page(s): 918-918

Quality without compromise ,Page(s): 920-920

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation information for authors ,Page(s): C3-C3

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation institutional listings ,Page(s): C4-C4