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IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation — Volume: 56  Issue: 6   Date: Jun. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

A Dual-Mode Millimeter-Wave Folded Microstrip Reflectarray Antenna
Tarn, I-Y.; Wang, Y.-S.; Chung, S.-J. Page(s): 1510-1517

Multifed Printed Reflectarray With Three Simultaneous Shaped Beams for LMDS Central Station Antenna Arrebola, M.; Encinar, J. A.; Barba, M. Page(s): 1518-1527

Mechanically Tunable Multiband Compact Quadrifilar Helix Antenna With Dual Mode Operation Amin, M.; Cahill, R.; Fusco, V. F. Page(s): 1528-1532

Low Profile Miniaturized Planar Antenna With Omnidirectional Vertically Polarized Radiation Hong, W.; Sarabandi, K. Page(s): 1533-1540

Two-Layer Dielectric Rod Antenna
Chung, J.-Y.; Chen, C.-C. Page(s): 1541-1547

Bloch Wave Analysis of Long Leaky Coaxial Cables
Addamo, A.; Orta, R.; Tascone, R. Page(s): 1548-1554

Reconfigurability and Beam Scanning With Phase-Only Control for Antenna Arrays Vescovo, R. Page(s): 1555-1565

A Double Rhombus Antenna Fed by 180$^{circ}$ Phase Shifter for Ultrawideband Phased Array Applications Eldek, A. A. Page(s): 1566-1572

Linear Retro-Directive Antenna Array Using 90$^{circ}$ Hybrids
Hsieh, S.-N.; Chu, T.-H. Page(s): 1573-1580

Grating Lobe Reduction in a Phased Array of Limited Scanning
Wang, H.; Fang, D.-G.; Chow, Y. L. Page(s): 1581-1586

Port Decoupling for Small Arrays by Means of an Eigenmode Feed Network
Coetzee, J. C.; Yu, Y. Page(s): 1587-1593

Optically Beamformed Wideband Array Performance
Jofre, L.; Stoltidou, C.; Blanch, S.; Mengual, T.; Vidal, B Page(s): 1594-1604

Singular Value Decomposition of the Radiation Operator—Application to Model-Order and Far-Field Reduction Stupfel, B.; Morel, Y. Page(s): 1605-1615

Analytical-Numerical Calculation of Diffraction Coefficients for a Circular Impedance Cone Bernard, J. M. L.; Lyalinov, M. A Page(s): 1616-1623

Simple and Accurate Analytical Model of Planar Grids and High-Impedance Surfaces Comprising Metal Strips or Patches
Luukkonen, O.; Simovski, C.; Granet, G.; Goussetis, G.;  Page(s): 1624-1632

Double $phi$-Step $theta$-Scanning Technique for Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurements Laitinen, T. Page(s): 1633-1639

Design of Miniaturized Metamaterial Patch Antennas With $mu$-Negative Loading
Bilotti, F.; Alu, A.; Vegni, L. Page(s): 1640-1647

Mutual Coupling Reduction in Patch Antenna Arrays by Using a Planar EBG Structure and a Multilayer Dielectric Substrate
Rajo-Iglesias, E.; Quevedo-Teruel, O. Page(s): 1648-1655

A Novel Compact Spiral Electromagnetic Band-Gap (EBG) Structure
Zheng, Q.-R.; Fu, Y.-Q.; Yuan, N.-C. Page(s): 1656-1660

A W-Band Low-Loss Dual-Polarization Quasi-TEM Waveguide
Xin, H.; Chen, T.-C.; Kazemi, H. Page(s): 1661-1668

Efficient Analysis of Phased Arrays of Microstrip Patches Using a Hybrid Generalized Forward Backward Method/Green's Function Technique With a DFT Based Acceleration Algorithm Bakir, O.; Civi, Ö. A.; Erturk, V. B Page(s): 1669-1678

Hybrid FEM/Floquet Modes/PO Technique for Multi-Incidence RCS Prediction of Array Antennas Chiniard, R.; Barka, A.; Pascal, O. Page(s): 1679-1686

A Mesh-Adapted Closed-Form Regular Kernel for 3D Singular Integral Equations
Vipiana, F.; Polemi, A.; Maci, S.; Vecchi, G.
Page(s): 1687-1698

Fast Computation of the Nonlocal Boundary Condition in Finite Difference Parabolic Equation Radiowave Propagation Simulations
Mias, C.
Page(s): 1699-1705

Exact Closed-Form Expression of the Electromagnetic Field Excited by Pulse-Shaped and Triangular Line Currents
Cicchetti, R.; Faraone, A.
Page(s): 1706-1716

A Combined MoM-AOM Approach for Frequency Domain Analysis of Nonlinearly Loaded Antennas in the Presence of a Lossy Ground
Sheshyekani, K.; Sadeghi, S. H. H.; Moini, R.
Page(s): 1717-1724

A New Hybrid Method for Analysis of Scattering From Arbitrary Configuration of Cylindrical Objects
Kusiek, A.; Lech, R.; Mazur, J.
Page(s): 1725-1733

A Combined Field Solution With Single Operator for Electromagnetic Scattering From Conductive Targets With Open Cavities
Nie, Z.; Wang, H.; Wang, J.
Page(s): 1734-1741

A Robust State Space Model for the Characterization of Extended Returns in Radar Target Signatures
Naishadham, K.; Piou, J. E.
Page(s): 1742-1751

Cavity Radar Cross Section Prediction
Zdunek, A.; Rachowicz, W.
Page(s): 1752-1762

High-Resolution Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging Using Beamspace MUSIC
Yoon, Y.-S.; Amin, M. G.
Page(s): 1763-1774

Grating Monopole Antenna for DVB-T Applications
Huang, C.-Y.; Jeng, B.-M.; Kuo, J.-S.
Page(s): 1775-1776

Unidirectional Circularly-Polarized Slot Antennas With Broadband Operation

Han, T.-Y.; Chu, Y.-Y.; Tseng, L.-Y.; Row, J.-S.
Page(s): 1777-1780

Wideband Circularly Polarized Antenna With L-Shaped Slot
Yang, S.-L. S.; Kishk, A. A.; Lee, K.-F.
Page(s): 1780-1783

Coupled Twin Slots Fed by Conductor-Backed Coplanar Waveguide
Lan, I.-C.; Chen, S.-Y.; Hsu, P.
Page(s): 1784-1786

“Reduction of Aperture Blockage in the Center-Feed Alternating-Phase Fed Single-Layer Slotted Waveguide Array Antenna by E- to H-Plane Cross-Junction Power Dividers”
Tsunemitsu, Y.; Matsumoto, S.; Kazama, Y.; Hirokawa, J.; Ando, M.
Page(s): 1787-1790

A Four-Way Divider for Partially-Corporate Feed in an Alternating-Phase Fed Single-Layer Slotted Waveguide Array
Zhang, M.; Hirokawa, J.; Ando, M.
Page(s): 1790-1794

Some Characteristics of Radiation From Linearly Phased/Sequentially Excited Periodic, Rectangular Arrays of Dipoles
Uluisik, Ç.; Topuz, E.; Sevgi, L.
Page(s): 1794-1798

Signal Radiation and Power Losses of Time-Modulated Arrays
Bregains, J. C.; Fondevila-Gomez, J.; Franceschetti, G.; Ares, F.
Page(s): 1799-1804

High Efficiency Excitation of Dielectric Rods Using a Magnetic Ring Current

Hanham, S. M.; Bird, T. S.
Page(s): 1805-1808

MUSIC Algorithm for Two-Dimensional Inverse Problems With Special Characteristics of Cylinders
Chen, X.; Agarwal, K.
Page(s): 1808-1812

A Comparison of Higher Order Nodal- and Edge-Basis Functions in the MFIE on Rational BÉzier Geometries
Hellicar, A. D.; Kot, J. S.; James, G.; Cambrell, G. K.
Page(s): 1812-1818

A Modified MoM-PO Method for Analyzing Wire Antennas Near to Coated PEC Plates
Chen, H.-T.; Zhu, G.-Q.; Luo, J.-X.; Yuan, F.
Page(s): 1818-1822

Determination of the Pole-Singularity Order in Spectral MoM Formulations for Source-Free Planar Periodic Structures
Kaganovsky, Y.; Shavit, R.
Page(s): 1822-1825

The Reverberating Chamber as a Line-of-Sight Wireless Channel Emulator
Sorrentino, A.; Ferrara, G.; Migliaccio, M.
Page(s): 1825-1830

Comments On “A Generic Statistical-Based UWB Channel Model for High-Rise Apartments”
Nadarajah, S.; Kotz, S.
Page(s): 1831-1831

Reply to “Comments on “A Generic Statistical-Based UWB Channel Model for High-Rise Apartments'”
Chong, C.-C.; Yong, S. K.
Page(s): 1831-1831

Special issue on antennas and propagation aspects of 60-90GHz wireless communications
Page(s): 1832-1832

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation information for authors
Page(s): C3-C3

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation institutional listings
Page(s): C4-C4