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IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation — Volume: 56  Issue: 7   Date: Jul. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation publication information, Page(s): C2-C2

Study of Mutual Coupling Between Circular Stacked-Patch Antennas on a Sphere
Sipus, Z.; Skokic, S.; Bosiljevac, M.; Burum, N., Page(s): 1834-1844

Design of a Single-Feed Dual-Band Dual-Polarized Printed Microstrip Antenna Using a Boolean Particle Swarm Optimization Afshinmanesh, F.; Marandi, Page(s): 1845-1852

Characterization and Design of Cylindrical Microstrip Leaky-Wave Antennas
Lin, L.-C.; Miyagawa, H.; Kitazawa, T.; Hwang, Page(s): 1853-1859

New Proximity Coupled Feeding Method for Reconfigurable Circularly Polarized Microstrip Ring Antennas Tong, K.-F.; Huang, J., Page(s): 1860-1866

On the Characteristics of Radome Enclosed Archimedean Spiral Antennas

He, M., Page(s): 1867-1874

Design Optimization of UWB Printed Antenna for Omnidirectional Pulse Radiation

Fortino, N.; Dauvignac, J.-Y.; Kossiavas, G.; Staraj, R., Page(s): 1875-1881

Naval Structural Antenna Systems for Broadband HF Communications Experimental Evaluation on Scaled
Prototypes Mattioni, L.; Di Lanzo, D.; Marrocco, G., Page(s): 1882-1887

Fast Measurement Technique for Phased Array Calibration

Takahashi, T.; Konishi, Y.; Makino, S.; Ohmine, H.; Nakaguro, H., Page(s): 1888-1899

Ultrawideband Antenna Distortion Compensation

Malik, W. Q.; Stevens, C. J.; Edwards, D. J., Page(s): 1900-1907

Aperture-Sparsity Analysis of Ultrawideband Two-Dimensional Focused Array

Hussain, M. G. M.; Al-Zayed, A. S., Page(s): 1908-1918

The Application of a Modified Differential Evolution Strategy to Some Array Pattern Synthesis Problems
Chen, Y.; Yang, S.; Nie, Z., Page(s): 1919-1927

Time Domain Synthesis of Pulsed Arrays
Ciattaglia, M.; Marrocco, G., Page(s): 1928-1938

Memory Enhanced PSO-Based Optimization Approach for Smart Antennas Control in Complex Interference Scenarios
Benedetti, M.; Azaro, R.; Massa, A., Page(s): 1939-1947

Pulse Propagation Along Transmission Lines in the Presence of Corona and Their Implication to Lightning Return Strokes
Cooray, V.; Theethayi, N., Page(s): 1948-1959

On the Accuracy of Several Approximate Theories Used in Quantifying the Propagation Effects on Lightning Generated Electromagnetic Fields
Cooray, V., Page(s): 1960-1967

Potential Effects of the Ionosphere on Space-Based SAR Imaging

Xu, Z.-W.; Wu, J.; Wu, Z.-S., Page(s): 1968-1975

Electromagnetic Excitation of PEC Slotted Cones by Elementary Radial Dipoles—A Semi-Inversion Analysis
Semenova, E. K.; Doroshenko, V. A., Page(s): 1976-1983

Degeneration of Electromagnetic Creeping Waves in a Vicinity of Critical Values of Anisotropic Impedance
Andronov, I. V.; Bouche, D. P., Page(s): 1984-1992

Two-Term Ritz–Galerkin Solution for the Low Frequency Scattering by a Rectangular Trough in a Soft Ground Plane
Scharstein, R. W.; Keen, J. M.; Faircloth, D. L., Page(s): 1993-2001

New Full Wave Theory for Plane Wave Scattering From Rough Dielectric Surfaces—The Correction Current Method: TE Polarization
Whitman, G. M.; Yoon, B.-T.; Page(s): 2002-2017

A Controllable Magnetic Metamaterial: Split-Ring Resonator With Rotated Inner Ring

Wang, J.; Qu, S.; Xu, Z.; Ma, H.; Yang, Y.; Gu, C., Page(s): 2018-2022

Incorporation of Conductor Loss in the Unconditionally Stable ADI-FDTD Method

Makinen, R. M.; Kivikoski, M. A., Page(s): 2023-2030

A Flexible and Efficient Higher Order FE-BI-MLFMA for Scattering by a Large Body With Deep Cavities
Peng, Z.; Sheng, X.-Q., Page(s): 2031-2042

Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves From Rough Surfaces: A Boundary Integral Method for Low-Grazing Angles
Spiga, P.; Soriano, G.; Saillard, M., Page(s): 2043-2050

Global ScatteringCenter Model Extraction of Radar Targets Based on Wideband Measurements
Jianxiong, Z.; Hongzhong, Z.; Zhiguang, S.; Qiang, F., Page(s): 2051-2060

Closed Time-Domain Solutions for 1D Scattering and Inverse Scattering in Anisotropic Medium
Li, L.; Li, F., Page(s): 2061-2066

Integrating Compact Printed Antennas Onto Small Diversity/MIMO Terminals

Karaboikis, M. P.; Papamichael, V. C.; Tsachtsiris, Page(s): 2067-2078

Novel Antenna-in-Package Design in LTCC for Single-Chip RF Transceivers

Zhang, Y. P.; Sun, M.; Lin, W., Page(s): 2079-2088

BER of Adaptive Arrays in AWGN Channel

Huang, Z.; Balanis, C. A., Page(s): 2089-2097

Wideband Shorted Bowtie Patch Antenna With Electric Dipole

Wong, H.; Mak, K.-M.; Luk, K.-M., Page(s): 2098-2101

Lumped-Element Balun for UHF UWB Printed Balanced Antennas

Gonzalez-Posadas, V.; Martin-Pascual, C.; Jimenez-Martin, Page(s): 2102-2107

Design of Ultrawideband Mobile Phone Stubby Antenna (824 MHz-6 GHz)

Zhang, Z.; Langer, J.-C.; Li, K.; Iskander, M. F., Page(s): 2107-2111

A Novel Broadband Eighth-Wave Conical Antenna
Palud, S.; Colombel, F.; Himdi, M.; Le Meins, C., Page(s): 2112-2116

$Q$ Evaluation of Antennas in an Electrically Conductive Medium
Lee, J.; Nam, S., Page(s): 2116-2120

A Robust Algorithm for Adaptive Interference Cancellation

Chu, Y.; Horng, W.-Y., Page(s): 2121-2124

Tapering of Multitransmit Digital Beamforming Arrays

Schuler, K.; Wiesbeck, W., Page(s): 2125-2127

On a Class of Planar Absorbers With Periodic Square Resistive Patches
Choo, H.; Ling, H.; Liang, C. S., Page(s): 2127-2130

Acceleration of the Method of Moments Calculations by Using Graphics Processing Units

Peng, S.; Nie, Z., Page(s): 2130-2133

Efficient Multilevel Approach for the Generation of Characteristic Basis Functions for Large Scatters
Delgado, C.; Catedra, M. F.; Mittra, R., Page(s): 2134-2137

Printed Loop Antenna With a Perpendicular Feed for Penta-Band Mobile Phone Application

Wong, K.-L.; Huang, C.-H., Page(s): 2138-2141

Comments on “The Use of Curl-Conforming Basis Functions for the Magnetic-Field Integral Equation
Ubeda , E.; Rius, J. M., Page(s): 2142-2142

Reply to “Comments on `The Use of Curl-Conforming Basis Functions for the Magnetic-Field Integral Equation'
Ergul, .; Gurel, L., Page(s): 2142-2143

Corrections to Moments via Integral Transform Method for 2-D Dielectric Materials

Smith, J. R.; Mirotznik, M. S., Page(s): 2144-2144

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation information for authors,
Page(s): C3-C3

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