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IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation — Volume: 56  Issue: 1   Date: Jan. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation publication information ,Page(s): C2-C2

Editorial ,Bird, T. S.Page(s): 2-4

Use of the Dielectric Resonator Antenna as a Filter Element
Eng Hock Lim; Kwok Wa Leung ,Page(s): 5-10

A New Coupling Mechanism for Circularly Polarized Annular-Ring Patch Antenna
Yi-Fang Lin; Hua-Ming Chen; Shih-Chieh Lin ,Page(s): 11-16

Design of Ultrawideband Planar Monopole Antennas of Circular and Elliptical Shape
Abbosh, A.M.; Bialkowski, M.E.Page(s): 17-23

A Novel Compact Printed Antenna Used in TPMS or Other Complex and Variable Environments
Shanhong He; Jidong XiePage(s): 24-30

Diversity Measurements of a Reconfigurable Antenna With Switched Polarizations and Patterns
Poussot, B.; Laheurte, J.-M.; Cirio, L.; Picon, O.; Delcroix, D.; Dussopt, L.Page(s): 31-38

Time-Domain Measurement of the Frequency-Dependent Delay of Broadband Antennas
McKinney, J.D.; Peroulis, D.; Weiner, A.M.Page(s): 39-47

An Accurate Equivalent Behavioral Model of Antenna Radiation Using a Mode-Matching Technique Based on Spherical Near Field Measurements ,Serhir, M.; Besnier, P.; Drissi, M.Page(s): 48-57

An Innovative Approach Based on a Tree-Searching Algorithm for the Optimal Matching of Independently Optimum Sum and Difference Excitations ,Manica, L.; Rocca, P.; Martini, A.; Massa, A.Page(s): 58-66

Differentiated Meta-PSO Methods for Array Optimization
Selleri, S.; Mussetta, M.; Pirinoli, P.; Zich, R.E.; Matekovits, L.,Page(s): 67-75

Design of Broadband Planar Arrays Based on the Optimization of Aperiodic Tilings
Spence, T.G.; Werner, D.H.Page(s): 76-86

Applications of the Talbot Array Illuminator in the Millimeter-Wave Band
Keller, M.G.; Shaker, J.; Antar, Y.M.M.Page(s): 87-96

The Pareto Optimization of Ultrawideband Polyfractal Arrays
Petko, J.S.; Werner, D.H.Page(s): 97-107

Reconfigurable RF MEMS Phased Array Antenna Integrated Within a Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) System-on-Package ,Kingsley, N.; Ponchak, G.E.; Papapolymerou, J.Page(s): 108-118

Degenerate Band Edge Crystals for Directive Antennas
Yarga, S.; Sertel, K.; Volakis, J.L.Page(s): 119-126

$Q$-Based Design Equations and Loss Limits for Resonant Metamaterials and Experimental Validation
Cummer, S.A.; Popa, B.-I.; Hand, T.H.Page(s): 127-132

Improvement in the Low Frequency Performance of Geometric Transition Radar Absorbers Using Square Loop Impedance Layers ,Ford, K.L.; Chambers, B.Page(s): 133-141

Electric Field Integral Equations for Electromagnetic Scattering Problems With Electrically Small and Electrically Large Regions ,Braaten, B.D.; Nelson, R.M.; Mohammed, M.A.Page(s): 142-150

On the Use of Nonsingular Kernels in Certain Integral Equations for Thin-Wire Circular-Loop Antennas
Fikioris, G.; Papakanellos, P.J.; Anastassiu, H.T.Page(s): 151-157

A Total-Field/Scattered-Field Plane-Wave Source for the FDTD Analysis of Layered Media
Capoglu, I.R.; Smith, G.S.Page(s): 158-169

Fundamental Schemes for Efficient Unconditionally Stable Implicit Finite-Difference Time-Domain Methods
Eng Leong Tan ,Page(s): 170-177

A Tree Structure One-Dimensional Based Algorithm for Estimating the Two-Dimensional Direction of Arrivals and Its Performance Analysis ,Yung-Yi Wang; Liang-Cheng Lee; Shih-Jen YangPage(s): 178-188

An Event Driven, Simplified TLM Method for Predicting Path-Loss in Cluttered Environments
Nutaro, J.; Kuruganti, P.T.; Jammalamadaka, R.; Tinoco, T.; Protopopescu, V.Page(s): 189-198

Global FDTD Maxwell's Equations Modeling of Electromagnetic Propagation From Currents in the Lithosphere ,Simpson, J.J.Page(s): 199-203

Scattering From Very Large Randomly Rough Surfaces Using a Markov Random Field Equivalent Current
Xianyang Zhu; Carin, L.Page(s): 204-214

Stub- and Capacitor-Loaded Folded Dipole Antenna for Digital Terrestrial TV Reception
Iizuka, H.; Sakakibara, K.; Kikuma, N.Page(s): 215-222

Printed Dipoles Antennas for MCM-L Wireless RF Interconnects
Kadi, M.; Ndagijimana, F.; Dansou-Eloy, J.Page(s): 223-230

Performance Study of Pattern Reconfigurable Antennas in MIMO Communication Systems
Boerman, J.D.; Bernhard, J.T.Page(s): 231-236

Small Printed Combined Electric-Magnetic Type Ultrawideband Antenna With Directive Radiation Characteristics ,Do-Hoon Kwon; Balzovsky, E.V.; Buyanov, Y.I.; Yongjin Kim; Koshelev, V.I.Page(s): 237-241

Microstrip-Fed Semi-Elliptical Dipole Antennas for Ultrawideband Communications
Jin-Ping Zhang; Yun-Sheng Xu; Wei-Dong Wang ,Page(s): 241-244

Talbot Effect Applied to Antennas ,Keller, M.G.; Shaker, J.; Antar, Y.M.M.Page(s): 245-248

Dual-Beam Steering Microstrip Leaky Wave Antenna With Fixed Operating Frequency
Yuanxin Li; Quan Xue; Yung, E.K.-N.; Yunliang Long ,Page(s): 248-252

Design of High Efficiency Circular Horn Feeds for Multibeam Reflector Applications
Kwok Kee Chan; Rao, S.K.Page(s): 253-258\

Study of an Ultrawideband Omnidirectional Rolled Monopole Antenna With Trapezoidal Cuts
Xuan Hui Wu; Kishk, A.A.Page(s): 259-263

Square Array Antennas Based on Hadamard Difference Sets ,Kopilovich, L.E.Page(s): 263-266

Optimized Element Spacing for Low Sidelobe Concentric Ring Arrays ,Haupt, R.L.Page(s): 266-268

An Efficient Approach for Extracting Poles of Green's Functions in General Multilayered Media
Min Zhang; Le-Wei Li; Yan-Feng Tian ,Page(s): 269-273

Adaptive Singularity Cancellation for Efficient Treatment of Near-Singular and Near-Hypersingular Integrals in Surface Integral Equation Formulations ,Ismatullah; Eibert, T.F.Page(s): 274-278

Implementation of Method of Moments for Numerical Analysis of Corrugated Surfaces With Impedance Boundary Condition ,Hanninen, I.; Nikoskinen, K.Page(s): 278-281

A Dual-Band CPW-Fed Inductive Slot-Monopole Hybrid Antenna
Xian-Chang Lin; Cheng-Chieh Yu ,Page(s): 282-285

Special issue on antennas and propagation aspects of 60-90GHz wireless communications
Page(s): 291-291

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation information for authors ,Page(s): C3-C3

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation institutional listings ,Page(s): C4-C4