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IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation — Volume: 56  Issue: 2   Date: Feb. 2008

Table of Contents

Argus: An L-Band All-Sky Astronomical Surveillance System
Ellingson, S.W.; Hampson, G.A.; Childers, R.K.Page(s): 294-302

24 GHz On-Chip Antennas and Balun on Bulk Si for Air Transmission
Shamim, A.; Roy, L.; Fong, N.; Tarr, N.G,Page(s): 303-311

Development of a Cavity-Backed Broadband Circularly Polarized Slot/Strip Loop Antenna With a Simple Feeding Structure ,RongLin Li; Bo Pan; Traille, A.N.; Papapolymerou, J.; Laskar, J.; Page(s): 312-318

Wideband Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna Using Broadband Baluns
Yong-Xin Guo; Kah-Wee Khoo; Ling Chuen Ong,Page(s): 319-326

A Wideband Slotted Bow-Tie Antenna With Reconfigurable CPW-to-Slotline Transition for Pattern Diversity
Sung-Jung Wu; Tzyh-Ghuang Ma, Page(s): 327-334

Microstrip Leaky-Wave Antenna With Control of Leakage Rate and Only One Main Beam in the Azimuthal Plane
,Gomez-Tornero, J.L.; Caete-Rebenaque, D.; Alvarez-Melcon, A.,Page(s): 335-344

Moment Method Analysis of an Archimedean Spiral Printed on a Layered Dielectric Sphere
Khamas, S.K., Page(s): 345-352

On the Differentially Fed Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna ,Bin Li; Kwok Wa ,Page 353-359

An Eigen-Analysis of Compact Antenna Arrays and Its Application to Port Decoupling
Volmer, C.; Weber, J.; Stephan, R.; Blau, K.; Hein, M.A, Page(s): 360-370

On the Resiliency of MUSIC Direction Finding Against Antenna Sensor Coupling
Zhongfu Ye; Chao Liu, Page(s): 371-380

High Frequency Properties of Electro-Textiles for Wearable Antenna Applications
Yuehui Ouyang; Chappell, W.J.,Page(s): 381-389

Design of Linear-to-Circular Polarization Transformers Made of Long Densely Packed Metallic Helices
Silveirinha, M.G., Page(s): 390-401

Negative Refraction Without Negative Index ,Hansen, R.C.,Page(s): 402-404

Electromagnetic Characterization of Textured Surfaces Formed by Metallic Pins
Silveirinha, M.G.; Fernandes, C.A.; Costa, J.R.Page(s): 405-415

Transmission-Line Networks Cloaking Objects From Electromagnetic Fields
Alitalo, P.; Luukkonen, O.; Jylha, L.; Venermo, J.; Tretyakov, S.A.,Page(s): 416-424

Electromagnetic Scattering by Multiple Perfectly Conducting Arbitrary Polygonal Cylinders
Lucido, M.; Panariello, G.; Schettino, F.,Page(s): 425-436

Stochastic Theory of Edge Diffraction
Franceschetti, G.; Iodice, A.; Natale, A.; Riccio, D.,Page(s): 437-449

Scattering of Spherically and Hemispherically Stratified Lenses Fed by Any Real Source
Fuchs, B.; Palud, S.; Le Coq, L.; Lafond, O.; Himdi, M.; Rondineau, S.,Page(s): 450-460

Ray Optical Electromagnetic Far-Field Scattering Computations Using Planar Near-Field Scanning Techniques
Tzoulis, A.; Vaupel, T.; Eibert, T.F.,Page(s): 461-468

Backscattering-Based Measurement of Reactive Antenna Input Impedance
Pursula, P.; Sandstrom, D.; Jaakkola, K.,Page(s): 469-474

Sparse Pseudo Inverse of the Discrete Plane Wave Transform ,Adams, R.J.; Yuan Xu; Canning, F.X.,Page(s): 475-484

Small Hemielliptic Dielectric Lens Antenna Analysis in 2-D: Boundary Integral Equations Versus Geometrical and Physical Optics ,Boriskin, A.V.; Godi, G.; Sauleau, R.; Nosich, A.I.,Page(s): 485-492

Survey on Symplectic Finite-Difference Time-Domain Schemes for Maxwell's Equations
Wei Sha; Zhixiang Huang; Mingsheng Chen; Xianliang Wu,Page(s): 493-500

A Compact 2-D Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method for General Lossy Guiding Structures
Feng Xu; Ke Wu,Page(s): 501-506

Multipath Effects in Ultrawideband Rake Reception ,Malik, W.Q.; Stevens, C.J.; Edwards, D.J., Page(s): 507-514

Lateral Position Dependence of MIMO Capacity in a Hallway at 2.4 GHz ,Ellingson, S.W.; Harun, M., Page(s): 515-523

Capacity of the Continuous-Space Electromagnetic Channel ,Jensen, M.A.; Wallace, J.W.,Page(s): 524-531

Polarimetric Characterization of Ultrawideband Propagation Channels.Malik, W.Q.,Page(s): 532-539

Radio Wave Characterization and Modeling in Underground Mine Tunnels
Boutin, M.; Benzakour, A.; Despins, C.L.; Affes, S.,Page(s): 540-549

A Novel Wideband MIMO Channel Model and Experimental Validation ,Costa, N.; Haykin, S., Page(s): 550-562

Gains For RF Tags Using Multiple Antennas,Griffin, J.D.; Durgin, G.D.,Page(s): 563-570

A Trapeizform U-Slot Folded Patch Feed Antenna Design Optimized With Jumping Genes Evolutionary Algorithm
Yeung, S.H.; Man, K.F.; Luk, K.M.; Chan, C.H..Page(s): 571-577

Wideband High-Gain Circularly Polarized Stacked Microstrip Antennas With an Optimized C-Type Feed and a Short Horn
Nasimuddin; Esselle, K.P.; Verma, A.K.,Page(s): 578-581

A Wideband L-Probes Fed Circularly-Polarized Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna
Shing-Lung Steven Yang; Kwai-Man Luk,Page(s): 581-584

Synthesis of Very Large Planar Arrays for Prescribed Footprint Illumination
Ares, F.; Fondevila-Gomez, J.; Franceschetti, G.; Moreno-Piquero, E.; Rodriguez-Gonzalez, J.A.,Page(s): 584-589

Coaxially Fed Annular Slot Array Antenna ,Kim, J.H.; Eom, H.J., Page(s): 590-592

Calibration of Cylindrical Reflector Antennas With Linear Phased Array Feeds ,Haupt, R.L., Page(s): 593-596

A Heuristic Diffraction Coefficient for the Corner of a Dielectric Slab
Volski, V.; Vandenbosch, G.A.E., Page(s): 596-601

A Beam Summation Representation for 3-D Radiation From a Line Source Distribution
Katsav, M.; Heyman, E., Page(s): 602-605

Forward Scattering at Grazing Incidence on Flat Plates ,Ross, R.A., Page(s): 606-609

Handling of Singularity in Finite-Difference Time-Domain Procedure for Solving Maxwell's Equations in Cylindrical Coordinate System ,Kancleris, Z., Page(s): 610-613

New Scaling Factors of 2-D Isotropic-Dispersion Finite Difference Time Domain (ID-FDTD) Algorithm for Lossy Media
Il-Suek Koh; Hyun Kim; Jong-Gwan Yook, Page(s): 613-617

Special issue on antennas and propagation aspects of 60-90GHz wireless communications
Page(s): 618-618

EEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation institutional listings ,Page(s): C4-C4