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IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation — Volume: 56  Issue: 8   Date: Aug p2. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Terminal Impedance and Antenna Current Distribution of a VLF Electric Dipole in the Inner Magnetosphere
Chevalier, T. W.; Inan, U. S.; Bell, T. F.
Page(s): 2454-2468

High-Gain Wideband Leaky-Wave Antenna Excited by Bowtie Element
Qu, S.-W.; Li, J.-L.; Xue, Q.
Page(s): 2469-2474

Multiband Low-Profile Antenna for Remote Antenna Unit Picocell Applications
Callaghan, P.; Batchelor, J. C.
Page(s): 2475-2480

Modeling of Wideband Antennas by Frequency-Dependent Hertzian Dipoles
Wu, X. H.; Kishk, A. A.; Glisson, A. W.
Page(s): 2481-2489

Ultrawideband Suspended Plate Antenna With Enhanced Impedance and Radiation Performance

Low, X. N.; Chen, Z. N.; Toh, W. K.
Page(s): 2490-2495

Bandwidth Improvement in Large Reflectarrays by Using True-Time Delay
Carrasco, E.; Encinar, J. A.; Barba, M.
Page(s): 2496-2503

Enhanced Reactance-Domain ESPRIT Algorithm Employing Multiple Beams and Translational-Invariance Soft Selection for Direction-of-Arrival Estimation in the Full Azimuth

Taillefer, E.; Nomura, W.; Cheng, J.; Taromaru, M.; Watanabe, Y.; Ohira, T.
Page(s): 2514-2526

Multifrequency and Dual-Mode Patch Antennas Partially Filled With Left-Handed Structures
Herraiz-Martinez, F. J.; Gonzalez-Posadas, V.; Garcia-Munoz, L. E.; Segovia-Vargas, D.
Page(s): 2527-2539

AMC Low Profile Wideband Reference Antenna for GPS and GALILEO Systems
Baracco, J.-M.; Salghetti-Drioli, L.; de Maagt, P.
Page(s): 2540-2547

Permittivity and Loss Tangent Characterization for Garment Antennas Based on a New Matrix-Pencil Two-Line Method
Declercq, F.; Rogier, H.; Hertleer, C.
Page(s): 2548-2554

Controlling the Bandlimits of TE-Surface Wave Propagation Along a Modulated Microstrip-Line-Based High Impedance Surface

Matekovits, L.; Colome, G. C. V.; Orefice, M.
Page(s): 2555-2562

Experimental and Theoretical Validation for the Incremental Theory of Diffraction
Erricolo, D.; Canta, S. M.; Hayvaci, H. T.; Albani, M.
Page(s): 2563-2571

An Updated Review of General Dispersion Relation for Conditionally and Unconditionally Stable FDTD Algorithms

Ogurtsov, S.; Pan, G.
Page(s): 2572-2583

FDTD Solution of the Maxwell–Boltzmann System for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in a Plasma
Cerri, G.; Moglie, F.; Montesi, R.; Russo, P.; Vecchioni, E.
Page(s): 2584-2588

A High-Order Compact-FDTD Algorithm for Electrically Large Waveguide Analysis

Hadi, M. F.; Mahmoud, S. F.
Page(s): 2589-2598

Incorporation of a Feed Network Into the Time-Domain Finite-Element Modeling of Antenna Arrays
Wang, R.; Wu, H.; Cangellaris, A. C.; Jin, J.-M.
Page(s): 2599-2612

A PSO-Driven Spline-Based Shaping Approach for Ultrawideband (UWB) Antenna Synthesis

Lizzi, L.; Viani, F.; Azaro, R.; Massa, A.
Page(s): 2613-2621

On the Mutual Coherence Function and Mean Arrival Time of Radio Propagation Through the Turbulent Ionosphere
Xu, Z.-W.; Wu, J.
Page(s): 2622-2629

Localizing Thin Metallic Cylinders by a 2.5-D Linear Distributional Approach: Experimental Results

Solimene, R.; Brancaccio, A.; Romano, J.; Pierri, R.
Page(s): 2630-2637

A Study of Ray-Chaotic Cylindrical Scatterers
Castaldi, G.; Galdi, V.; Pinto, I. M.
Page(s): 2638-2648

Absorbing Frequency-Selective-Surface for the mm-Wave Range
Sakran, F.; Neve-Oz, Y.; Ron, A.; Golosovsky, M.; Davidov, D.; Frenkel, A.
Page(s): 2649-2655

Scattering Property and Emissivity of a Periodic Pyramid Array Covered With Absorbing Material
Wang, J.; Miao, J.; Yang, Y.; Chen, Y.
Page(s): 2656-2663

A Hybrid Method for Indoor Wave Propagation Modeling
Thiel, M.; Sarabandi, K.
Page(s): 2703-2709

Characterization of the Angle, Delay and Polarization of Multipath Signals for Indoor Environments
Gurrieri, L. E.; Willink, T. J.; Petosa, A.; Noghanian, S.
Page(s): 2710-2719

High-Resolution Angle-of-Arrival Measurements on Physically-Nonstationary Mobile Radio Channels
Kwakkernaat, M. R. J. A. E.; de Jong, Y. L. C.; Bultitude, R. J. C.; Herben, M. H. A. J.
Page(s): 2720-2729

Link Budget Analysis and Modeling of Short-Range UWB Channels

Irahhauten, Z.; Dacuna, J.; Janssen, G. J. M.; Nikookar, H.; Yarovoy, A. G.; Ligthart, L. P.
Page(s): 2730-2738

Coaxial-Fed Double-Sided Bow-Tie Antenna for GSM/CDMA and 3G/WLAN Communications

Wang, G.; Liu, J.; Xia, J.; Yang, L.
Page(s): 2739-2742

Equiangular Spiral Antenna Backed by a Shallow Cavity With Absorbing Strips
Nakano, H.; Kikkawa, K.; Iitsuka, Y.; Yamauchi, J.
Page(s): 2742-2747

Novel Microstrip Antenna With Rotatable Patch Fed by Coaxial Line for Personal Handy-Phone System Units
Ando, A.; Kagoshima, K.; Kondo, A.; Kubota, S.
Page(s): 2747-2751

Automatic Phase Correction of Phased Array Antennas by a Genetic Algorithm
Son, S. H.; Eom, S. Y.; Jeon, S. I.; Hwang, W.
Page(s): 2751-2754

Determination of Dimensions and Shape of a Planar Aperture for Forming of Orthogonal Beams
Skobelev, S. P.
Page(s): 2755-2757

Linear Array Thinning Using Iterative FFT Techniques
Keizer, W. P. M. N.
Page(s): 2757-2760

Time Domain Coupled Field Dyadic Green Function Solution for Maxwell's Equations

Nevels, R.; Jeong, J.
Page(s): 2761-2764

Implementation of the Second-Order ABC in the FETI-DPEM Method for 3D EM Problems
Li, Y.-J.; Jin, J.-M.
Page(s): 2765-2769

Irregular Terrain Attenuation in the Medium Frequency Band: Planning for Digital Radio Systems

la de Vega, D.; Lopez, S.; Gil, U.; Guerra, D.; Angueira, P.; Arrinda, A.; Ordiales, J. L.
Page(s): 2770-2775

A Frequency-Dependence Model for the Ultrawideband Channel Based on Propagation Events
Gentile, C.; Kik, A.
Page(s): 2775-2780

Integration of Yagi Antenna in LTCC Package for Differential 60-GHz Radio
Sun, M.; Zhang, Y. P.; Chua, K. M.; Wai, L. L.; Liu, D.; Gaucher, B. P.
Page(s): 2780-2783

Radiation $Q$ and Gain of TM and TE Sources in Phase-Delayed Rotated Configurations
Kwon, D.-H.
Page(s): 2783-2786

Comments on “Design of High Efficiency Circular Horn Feeds for Multibeam Reflector Applications”
Bhattacharyya, A. K.; Sor, J.
Page(s): 2787-2787

Reply to “Comments on `Design of High Efficiency Circular Horn Feeds for Multibeam Reflector Applications'”
Chan, K. K.; Rao, S. K.
Page(s): 2787-2788

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Page(s): C3-C3

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Page(s): C4-C4