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IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation — Volume: 56  Issue: 8   Date: Aug p1. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation publication information Page(s): C2-
Guest Editorial for the Special Issue on Large and Multiscale Computational Electromagnetics Michielssen, E.; Jin, J.-M.Page(s): 2146-2149

The Lobatto Cell: Robust, Explicit, Higher Order FDTD That Handles Inhomogeneous Media Chilton, R. A.; Lee, R.Page(s): 2167-2177

Performance Improvements for Efficient Electromagnetic Particle-In-Cell Computation on 1000s of CPUs Bettencourt, M. T.; Greenwood, A. D.Page(s): 2178-2186

Analysis of Acousto-Electromagnetic Wave Interaction Using the Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method Buerkle, A.; Sarabandi, K.Page(s): 2191-2199

A Fast Domain Decomposition Method for Solving Three-Dimensional Large-Scale Electromagnetic Problems Lu, Z.-Q.; An, X.; Hong, W.Page(s): 2200-2210

A Domain Decomposition Method for Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering Analysis of Multi-Target Problems Zhao, K.; Rawat, V.; Lee, J.-F.Page(s): 2211-2221

Finite Element Analysis of Complex Antennas and Arrays Jin, J.-M.; Lou, Z Page(s): 2222-2240

Investigation of Radar Propagation in Buildings: A 10-Billion Element Cartesian-Mesh FETD Simulation Stowell, M. L.; Fasenfest, B. J.; White, D. A.Page(s): 2241-2250

Higher Order Frequency-Domain Computational Electromagnetics
Notaros, B. M.Page(s): 2251-2276

High Order Representations for Singular Currents at Corners
Bibby, M. M.; Peterson, A. F.; Coldwell, C. M. Page(s): 2277-2287

Hierarchical Bases for Nonhierarchic 3-D Triangular Meshes
Andriulli, F. P.; Vipiana, F.; Vecchi, G.Page(s): 2288-2297

Adaptive Integral Method for Higher Order Method of Moments
Kim, O. S.; Meincke, P. Page(s): 2298-2305

Direct Solve of Electrically Large Integral Equations for Problem Sizes to 1 M Unknowns
Shaeffer, J. Page(s): 2306-2313

Fast Iterative Solution of Integral Equations With Method of Moments and Matrix Decomposition Algorithm – Singular Value Decomposition Rius, J. M.; Parron, J.;  Page(s): 2314-2324

On the Use of the Singular Value Decomposition in the Fast Multipole Method
Rodriguez, J. L.; Taboada, J. M.; Araujo, M. G.; Page(s): 2325-2334

Efficient Parallelization of the Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm for the Solution of Large-Scale Scattering Problems Ergul, Ö.; Gurel, L.Page(s): 2335-2345

An Asynchronous Parallel MLFMA for Scattering at Multiple Dielectric Objects
Fostier, J.; Olyslager, F.Page(s): 2346-2355

Efficient Evaluation of the Rokhlin Translator in Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm
Hanninen, I.; Sarvas, J.Page(s): 2356-2362

An Iterative Solution for Electrically Large Problems Combining the Characteristic Basis Function Method and the Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm
Garcia, E.; Delgado, C.; Diego, I. G.; Catedra, M. F.Page(s): 2363-2371

Method of Moments Simulation of Infinitely Periodic Structures Combining Metal With Connected Dielectric Objects Dardenne, X.; Craeye, C.Page(s): 2372-2380

Surface Integral Equation Solutions for Modeling 3-D Uniaxial Media Using Closed-Form Dyadic Green's Functions Mumcu, G.; Sertel, K.; Volakis, J. L.Page(s): 2381-2388

Multiscale Simulation of Complex Structures Using Equivalence Principle Algorithm With High-Order Field Point Sampling Scheme Li, M.-K.; Chew, W. C.Page(s): 2389-2397

A Multiplicative Calderon Preconditioner for the Electric Field Integral Equation
Andriulli, F. P.; Cools, K.; Bagci, H.; Olyslager, F.; Page(s): 2398-2412

On Preconditioning and the Eigensystems of Electromagnetic Radiation Problems
Hesford, A. J.; Chew, W. C.Page(s): 2413-2420

A Physically-Based Preconditioner for Quasi-Planar Scattering Problems
Naenna, P.; Johnson , J. T. Page(s): 2421-2426

Modular Fast Direct Electromagnetic Analysis Using Local-Global Solution Modes
Adams, R. J.; Xu, Y.; Xu, X.; Choi, J.; Gedney, S. D.; Canning, F. X.Page(s): 2427-2441

A Finite Difference Delay Modeling Approach to the Discretization of the Time Domain Integral Equations of Electromagnetics Wang, X.; Wildman, R. A.; Weile, D. S.; Page(s): 2442-2452

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation information for authors Page(s): C3-C3

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation institutional listings Page(s): C4-C4