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IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation — Volume: 56  Issue: 4   Date: April. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation publication information ,Page(s): C2-C2

Single-Fed Microstrip Patch Antenna With Switchable Polarization ,Chen, R.-H.; Row, J.-S.Page(s): 922-926

Improved Formulation for Investigation of Proximity-Coupled Microstrip Antenna in Homogeneous Dielectric Half Space
Mall, L.Page(s): 927-932

Extrapolation of Time and Frequency Responses of Resonant Antennas Using Damped Sinusoids and Orthogonal Polynomials ,Frye, J. M.; Martin, A. Q.Page(s): 933-943

A Frequency Tuning Method for a Planar Inverted-F Antenna ,Komulainen, M.; Berg, M.; Jantunen, Page(s): 944-950

Resonant Meta-Surface Superstrate for Single and Multifrequency Dipole Antenna Arrays
SÁenz, E.; Gonzalo, R.; Ederra, I.; Vardaxoglou, J. C.; de Maagt, P.Page(s): 951-960

Inverse Source Problem in the Spheroidal Geometry: Vector Formulation ,Sten, J. C.-E.; Marengo, E. A.,Page(s): 961-969

A New Look at Reciprocity and Energy Conservation Theorems in Electromagnetics ,Chew, W. C.Page(s): 970-975

Vector Potentials in Simply Structured Spaces ,Kurokawa, K.Page(s): 976-980

Machine Precision Evaluation of Singular and Nearly Singular Potential Integrals by Use of Gauss Quadrature Formulas for Rational Functions ,Graglia, R. D.; Lombardi, G.Page(s): 981-998

An Iteration-Free MoM Approach Based on Excitation Independent Characteristic Basis Functions for Solving Large Multiscale Electromagnetic Scattering Problems ,Lucente, E.; Monorchio, A.; Mittra, R.Page(s): 999-1007

Frequency-Independent Scattering From a Flat Strip With ${rm TE}_{z}$-Polarized Fields
Davis, C. P.; Chew, W. C.Page(s): 1008-1016

Conformal Perfectly Matched Layer for the Mixed Finite Element Time-Domain Method
Donderici, B.; Teixeira, F. L.Page(s): 1017-1026

A General Three-Dimensional Tensor FDTD-Formulation for Electrically Inhomogeneous Lossy Media Using the Z-Transform ,Nadobny, J.; Sullivan, D.; Wust, P.Page(s): 1027-1040

Analysis of Radiated Fields for the Design of a RJ45 Connector Using FDTD Method
Chen, H.-Y.; Shiu, S.-W.Page(s): 1041-1047

A Coherent Model of Forest Propagation— Application to Detection and Localization of Targets Using the DORT Method
Ziade, Y.; Roussel, H.; Lesturgie, M.; Tabbara, W.Page(s): 1048-1057

Tracking Refractivity from Clutter Using Kalman and Particle Filters
Yardim, C.; Gerstoft, P.; Hodgkiss, W. S.Page(s): 1058-1070

Propagation Over Clutter: Physical Stochastic Model ,Chizhik, D.; Ling, J.Page(s): 1071-1077

Elevation Dependent Shadowing Model for Mobile Communications via High Altitude Platforms in Built-Up Areas
Holis, J.; Pechac, P.Page(s): 1078-1084

Cumulative Fading and Rainfall Distributions for a 2.1 km, 38 GHz, Vertically Polarized, Line-of-Sight Link
Forknall, N.; Cole, R.; Webb, D.Page(s): 1085-1093

Generation of Attenuation Time Series for Simulation Purposes Starting From ITALSAT Measurements
Bertorelli, S.; Riva, C.; Valbonesi, L.Page(s): 1094-1102

Scattering Properties of the Ocean Surface: The Miller–Brown–Vegh Model Revisited
Hristov, T. S.; Anderson, K. D.; Friehe, C. A.Page(s): 1103-1109

On the Diffusion of Electromagnetic Waves and Applicability of Diffusion Equation to Multipath Random Media
Xu, J.; Janaswamy, R.Page(s): 1110-1121

A Novel Hierarchical Two-Level Spectral Preconditioning Technique for Electromagnetic Wave Scattering
Ding, D. Z.; Chen, R. S.; Fan, Z. H.; Rui, P. L.Page(s): 1122-1132

A Theoretical Analysis of Backscattering Enhancement Due to Surface Plasmons From Multilayer Structures With Rough Interfaces ,Kuo, C.-H.; Moghaddam, M.Page(s): 1133-1143

Application of Subarray Averaging and Entropy Minimization Algorithm to Stepped-Frequency ISAR Autofocus
Jeong, H.-R.; Kim, H.-T.; Kim, K.-T.Page(s): 1144-1154

A Novel Low-Profile Broadband Dual-Frequency Planar Antenna for Wireless Handsets
Li, R.; Pan, B.; Laskar, J.; Tentzeris, M. M.Page(s): 1155-1162

Band-Rejected Design of the Printed Open Slot Antenna for WLAN/WiMAX Operation ,Chen, W.-S.; Page(s): 1163-1169
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/TAP.2008.919192

24-Port and 36-Port Antenna Cubes Suitable for MIMO Wireless Communications
Chiu, C.-Y.; Yan, J.-B.; Murch, R. D.Page(s): 1170-1176

A Chip Antenna in LTCC for UWB Radios ,Mei, S.; Ping, Z. Y.Page(s): 1177-1180

High Isolation Proximity Coupled Multilayer Patch Antenna for Dual-Frequency Operation
Inclan-Sanchez, L.; Vaquez-Roy, J.-L.; Rajo-Iglesias, E.Page(s): 1180-1183

UWB Performance of Compact L-shaped Wide Slot Antennas
Dissanayake, T.; Esselle, K. P.Page(s): 1183-1187

A Wideband Low-Profile Antenna Composed of a Conducting Body of Revolution and a Shorted Parasitic Ring
Nakano, H.; Iwaoka, H.; Morishita, K.; Yamauchi, J.Page(s): 1187-1192

Dielectric and Conductor Loss Quantification for Microstrip Reflectarray: Simulations and Measurements
Rajagopalan, H.; Rahmat-Samii, Y.Page(s): 1192-1196

On the Bandwidth of Monocone Antennas McDonald, J. L.; Filipovic, D. S.Page(s): 1196-1201

Impact of Mutual Coupling in Leaky Wave Enhanced Imaging Arrays ,
Llombart, N.; Neto, A.; Gerini, G.; Bonnedal, M.; De Maagt, P.Page(s): 1201-1206

On the Possibility of Interpreting Field Variations and Polarization in Arched Tunnels Using a Model for Propagation in Rectangular or Circular Tunnels ,Molina-Garcia-Pardo, J. M.; Lienard, M.; Nasr, A.; Degauque, P.Page(s): 1206-1211

Corrections to “The Time Domain Green's Function and Propagator for Maxwell's Equations” [Nov 04 3012-3018]
Nevels, R.; Jeong, J.Page(s): 1212-1213

Correction to “Passive Localization of Near-Field Sources With a Polarization Sensitive Array” [Aug 07 2402-2408]
Xiong, W.Page(s): 1213-1213

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation information for authors ,Page(s): C3-C3

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation institutional listings ,Page(s): C4-C4