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IEEE Software July/August 2008 (Vol. 25, No. 4) ISSN: 0740-7459  

Table of Contents

From the Editor
Essentials of Software Process  Hakan Erdogmus,  pp. 4-7

Software Technology
Semantic Wikis  Sebastian Schaffert,  pp. 8-11
Up-front Design  Rebecca J. Wirfs-Brock, pp. 12-13
On Architecture
Measuring Architectural Complexity  Grady Booch, IBMpp. 14-15

What Is a Requirements Engineer? Barbara Paech,  pp. 16-17

Guest Editors' Introduction
Developing Scientific Software Judith Segal, Open University pp. 18-20

Developing Scientific Software
Dealing with Risk in Scientific Software Development
Rebecca Sanders, Queen's University, Kingston pp. 21-28

Understanding the High-Performance-Computing Community: A Software Engineer's Perspective  Victor R. Basili, University of Maryland pp. 29-36
Scientific Software as Workflows: From Discovery to Distribution David Woollard, pp. 37-43

Scientific Software Development at a Research Facility  Karen S. Ackroyd, pp. 44-51

Supporting Scientists' Everyday Work: Automating Scientific Workflows
Mark Vigder, National Research Council Canada pp. 52-58

Development of a Weather Forecasting Code: A Case Study
Richard Kendall, Software Engineering Institute Jeffrey C. pp. 59-65

Structural Complexity
Structural Epochs in the Complexity of Software over Time Raghvinder S.  pp. 66-73

Reactive Systems
Testing Feature-Rich Reactive Systems Tony Savor, OANDApp. 74-81

Testing the Value of Checklists in Code Inspections  Les Hatton,  pp. 82-88

Tools of the Trade
The Way We Program Diomidis Spinellis,  pp. 89-91

Voice of Evidence
What Do We Know about Developer Motivation?  Tracy Hall,  pp. 92-94

Web Extra: Supplementary PDF: "Method: How We Selected and Analyzed the Studies"
Loyal Opposition

Two Mistakes and Error-Free Software: A Confession Robert L. Glass,  pp. 96, 95