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IEEE Security & Privacy Volume: 6  Issue: 3   Date: May-June 2008

Table of Contents

Front Cover age(s): c1-c1

LinuxWorld advertisement Page(s): c2-c2

Table of Contents Page(s): 1-2

Up Scope Landwehr, Carl E. Page(s): 3-4

IEEE Security & Privacy masthead Page(s): 5-5

News Briefs Ortega, Brandi. Page(s): 6-8

Silver Bullet Talks with Jon Swartz  McGraw, Gary. Page(s): 9-11

New Research Results for Electronic Voting    Rubin, Aviel D.; Jefferson, David R. Page(s): 12-13

A Three-Ballot-Based Secure Electronic Voting System
Santin, Altair O.; Costa, Regivaldo G.; Maziero, Carlos A. Page(s): 14-21

The Dynamics of Counting and Recounting Votes Yasinsac, Alec; Bishop, Matt. Page(s): 22-29

Evaluating Electronic Voting Systems Equipped with Voter-Verified Paper Records
Ansari, Nirwan; Sakarindr, Pitipatana; Haghani, Ehsan; Zhang, Chao; Page(s): 30-39

Scantegrity: End-to-End Voter-Verifiable Optical- Scan Voting
Chaum, David; Essex, Aleks; Carback, Richard; Clark, Jeremy; Popoveniuc, Stefan; Page(s): 40-46

An Optical Scan E-Voting System based on N-Version Programming
Goirizelaia, Iñaki; Selker, Ted; Huarte, Maider; Page(s): 47-53

Teaching Digital Forensics to Undergraduate Students Batten, Lynn; Pan, Lei. Page(s): 54-56

Considering New Privacy Laws in Australia Hughes, Gordon; Dawson, Sophie; Brookes, Tim. Page(s): 57-59

A New Hash Competition Burr, William E. Page(s): 60-62

Common Permissions in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista Michener, John R. Page(s): 63-67

When Malware Attacks (Anything but Windows) O'Donnell, Adam J. Page(s): 68-70

Why Do Street-Smart People Do Stupid Things Online? Bratus, Sergey; Masone, Chris; Smith, Sean W. Page(s): 71-74

2008 IEEE Computer Society membership advertisement Page(s): 75-75

Digital Rights Management and Individualized Pricing Lesk, Michael. Page(s): 76-79

Internet Protocol Version 6 Frankel, Sheila; Green, David. Page(s): 83-86

Learn by Analogy or Die Trying Geer Jr., Daniel E. Page(s): 88-88

Usenix advertisement Page(s): c3-c3

Black Hat advertisement Page(s): c4-c4