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IEEE Security & Privacy March/April 2008 (Vol. 6, No. 2) ISSN: 1540-7993

Table of Contents

From the Editors
Lessons from Electrification for Identification Marc Donner, Google p. 3

Book Reviews
Sharp Figures, Fuzzy Purpose Simson Garfinkel, US Naval Postgraduate School ,p. 5

Silver Bullet Talks with Ed Amoroso  Gary McGraw, Cigital ,pp. 6-9
News Briefs
News Briefs ,Brandi Ortega, Staff editor ,pp. 10-12
Guest Editors' Introduction
I'm Pc01002/SpringPeeper/ED288l.6; Who are You? Susan Landau, Sun Microsystems ,pp. 13-15

Identity Management
The Venn of Identity: Options and Issues in Federated Identity Management Eve Maler, Sun Microsystems ,pp. 16-23

The Seven Flaws of Identity Management: Usability and Security Challenges Rachna Dhamija, Harvard University ,pp. 24-29

Biometrics in Identity Management Systems James L. Wayman,  pp. 30-37

Privacy and Identity Management Marit Hansen, pp. 38-45

Identity Management, Privacy, and Price Discrimination Alessandro Acquisti, pp. 46-50

Use Cases for Identity Management in E-Government Robin McKenzie, pp. 51-57

Reverse Engineering
Hindering Reverse Engineering: Thinking Outside the Box Thomas E. Dube, pp. 58-65

Why and How to Perform Fraud Experiments Markus Jakobsson, pp. 66-68

Crypto Corner
Cryptographic Test Correction Eric Levieil, École normale supérieure,pp. 69-71

Basic Training
Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Marco Carvalho, pp. 72-75

Attack Trends
New Hurdles for Vulnerability Disclosure David McKinney, Symantec,pp. 76-78

Secure Systems
The Hidden Difficulties of Watching and Rebuilding Networks Michael E. Locasto, pp. 79-82

Building Security In
Dynamic Security Assertion Markup Language: Simplifying Single Sign-On Patrick Harding, Ping Identity pp. 83-85

For Good Measure
Beware the IDs of March Daniel E. Geer Jr., Verdasys ,p. 87

Clear Text
Security by Checklist Steve Bellovin, Columbia University ,p. 88