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IEEE Security & Privacy Volume: 6  Issue: 4   Date: July-Aug. 2008

Table of Contents

Front Cover ,Page(s): c1-c1

IT Security World advertisement ,Page(s): c2-c2

Table of Contents Page(s): 1-2

Network Neutrality versus Internet Trustworthiness?Schneider, Fred B.Page(s): 3-4

IEEE Security & Privacy masthead Page(s): 5-5

Silver Bullet Talks with Adam Shostack McGraw, Gary Page(s): 6-10

News Briefs Ortega, BrandiPage(s): 11-13

Open Wireless Networks on University Campuses Hole, Kjell J.; Netland Page(s): 14-20

Second-Generation RFID
Razaq, Abdul (Ali); Luk, Wai Tong; Shum, Kam Man Page(s): 21-27

Transactional Confidentiality in Sensor Networks Pai, Sameer; Meingast, Marci; Roosta, Page(s): 28-35

Remote Client Authentication Weigold, Thomas; Kramp, Thorsten; Baentsch, Michael Page(s): 36-43

Usage Control Enforcement: Present and Future Pretschner, Alexander; Hilty, Manuel Page(s): 44-53

Learning by Failing (and Fixing) Røstad, Lillian; Tøndel, Inger Anne; Meland Page(s): 54-56

Call for Papers: Online Gaming Security Page(s): 57-57

Heuristics for De-identifying Health Data Emam, Khaled El Page(s): 58-61

The Virtues of Mature and Minimalist Cryptography Troutman, JustinPage(s): 62-65

Insiders Behaving Badly Predd, Joel; Pfleeger, Shari Lawrence; Hunker, Jeffrey; Bulford, Carla Page(s): 66-70

2008 Membership advertisement Page(s): 71-73

Security and Privacy Landscape in Emerging Technologies Landau, Susan Page(s): 74-77

Strong Attractors Jr., Daniel E. Geer; Conway, Daniel G.Page(s): 78-79

How the Human Brain Buys Security Schneier, BrucePage(s): 80-80
Corporate Network Security advertisement Page(s): c3-c3
Usenix Security Symposium advertisement Page(s): c4-c4