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IEEE Pervasive Computing Volume: 7  Issue: 3   Date: July-Sept. 2008

Table of Contents

Front Cover Page(s): c1-c1

Table of Contents Page(s): c2-1

The Seeds of InspirationWant, Roy. Page(s): 2-3

Hacked Devices, A New Game Experience, and a Wi-Fi Detector ShirtEbling, Maria; Corner, Mark. Page(s): 4-5

Whither Bluetooth?Reynolds, Franklin. Page(s): 6-8

IEEE Pervasive Computing Call for PapersPage(s): 9-9

Why Consumers Don't Adopt Smart Wearable Electronics Anderson, Gretchen; Lee, Gwanhoo. Page(s): 10-12

Hacking Is Pervasive  Paradiso, Joseph A.; Heidemann, John; Zimmerman, Thomas G. Page(s): 13-15

Hacking in Industrial Research and Development  Zimmerman, Thomas G. Page(s): 16-23

Engineered Reality: Prototyping Inventions for Television  Brooks, Andrew G. (Zoz); Grand, Joe. Page(s): 24-31

A Solder's Tale: Putting the "Lead" Back in "Lead Users"   Collins, Nicolas. Page(s): 32-38

Hacking the Nintendo Wii Remote   Lee, Johnny Chung. Page(s): 39-45

Hacking, Mashing, Gluing: Understanding Opportunistic Design Hartmann, Björn; Doorley, Scott; Klemmer, Scott R. Page(s): 46-54

Chumby: An Experiment in Hackable Pervasive Computing  Huang, Andrew "bunnie". Page(s): 55-62

Kent Farnsworth on His Father's Electronic Television and Fusion Research   Zimmerman, Thomas G. Page(s): 63-65

User Innovation and Hacking  von Hippel, Eric; Paradiso, Joseph A. Page(s): 66-69

The Hacking Tradition  Panchaphongsaphak, Bundit; Riener, Robert; Ullmer, Brygg; Page(s): 70-71

Guaranteeing the Authenticity of Location Information
Ferreres, Ana Isabel González-Tablas; Álvarez, Benjamín Ramos; Page(s): 72-80

Bridging the Gap between Research and Industry  Johnson, Brian David. Page(s): 81-83 Advertisement Page(s): 84-84

Evaluating Pervasive and Ubiquitous Systems
Neely, Steve; Stevenson, Graeme; Kray, Christian; Mulder, Ingrid; Page(s): 85-88

PerCom 2009 Call for Papers Advertisement  Page(s): c3-c3

ISWC 2008 Advertisement  Page(s): c4-c4