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IEEE Pervasive Computing April- June 2008 (Vol. 7, No. 2) ISSN: 1536-1268e

Table of Contents

From the Editor in Chief
You Are Your Cell Phone ,Roy Want, Intel Research pp. 2-4

Education & Training
Designing Personal Robots for Education: Hardware, Software, and Curriculum Tucker Balch ,pp. 5-9

New Products
A pervasive personal trainer, an electronic leash, a light canvas... Maria Ebling  pp. 10-11

Wearable Computing
The LilyPad Arduino: Toward Wearable Engineering for Everyone Leah Buechley, University of Colorado at Boulder pp. 12-15

Smart Phones
Camera Phones: A Snapshot of Research and Applications Franklin Reynolds, Nokia Research pp. 16-19

Guest Editors' Introduction
Activity-Based Computing Nigel Davies, Lancaster University pp. 20-21

Activity-Based Computing
Rapid Prototyping of Activity Recognition Applications  David Bannach,  pp. 22-31

The Mobile Sensing Platform: An Embedded Activity Recognition System Tanzeem Choudhury  pp. 32-41

Wearable Activity Tracking in Car Manufacturing Thomas Stiefmeier pp. 42-50

Activity-Aware Computing for Healthcare Monica Tentori,  pp. 51-57

Works in Progress
Activity-Based Computing Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo,  pp. 58-61

Clinical Electronics
Rapid Prototyping for Functional Electrical Stimulation Control Philip A. Tresadern  pp. 62-69

Security & Privacy
A Framework for Assessing RFID System Security and Privacy Risks Pawel Rotter,   pp. 70-77

Information Retrieval
Hierarchical Route Representation, Indexing, and Search Qiong Zhang, Yahoo! pp. 78-84

Standards & Emerging Technologies
Location-Based Services: Back to the Future Paolo Bellavista, University of Bologna pp. 85-89

Advances in Tangible Interaction and Ubiquitous Virtual Reality Dongpyo Hong,  pp. 90-96