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IEEE Internet Computing (May/June) (Vol. 12, No. 3) ISSN: 1089-7801

Table of Contents

All Systems Go
The Eye of the Beholder: Whence IC?
Fred Douglis, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center ,pp. 3-5

News & Trends

Should We Stop Trusting Trust? Greg Gothpp. 6-9

Guest Editors' Introduction

Useful Computer Security  Elizabeth Churchill, Yahoo! Research pp. 10-12

Useful Computer Security

A Brief Introduction to Usable Security Bryan D. Payne,  pp. 13-21

Searching for the Right Fit: Balancing IT Security Management Model Trade-Offs
Kirstie Hawkey, University of British Columbia pp. 22-30

Web Ontologies
Using Ontologies and Vocabularies for Dynamic Linking Sean Bechhofer, pp. 32-39

Multimedia System Architectures
IMS Application Servers: Roles, Requirements, and Implementation Technologies Hechmi 40-51

Web Application Development
WebRB: A Different Way to Write Web Applications Avraham Leff,  pp. 52-61

Web-Scale Workflow Track
Unifying Human and Software Services in Web-Scale Collaborations Daniel Schall,  pp. 62-68

E-Commerce Track
Will the Overseas Expansion of Facebook Succeed? Yun Wan,  pp. 69-73

Discovering Web Services in Search Engines Eyhab Al-Masri pp. 74-77

Architectural Perspectives
Generating Synthetic Data to Match Data Mining Patterns  Josh Eno, Pp. 78-82

Toward Integration
Multilanguage Programming Steve Vinoski, Verivue pp. 83-85

Technology & Society

Net Neutrality... Seriously this Time Daniel J. Weitzner pp. 86-89

Practical Security

Portable Storage and Data Loss Stephen Farrell, Trinity College Dublin pp. 90-93

The Myth of Open Web Services: The Rise of the Service Parks Charles Petrie, pp. 96, 94-95