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March/April 2008 (Vol. 12, No. 2) ,ISSN: 1089-7801


Table of Contents

All Systems Go
Not-so-Secret Identities , Fred Douglis, pp. 4-6

News & Trends
Redefining the Server as Home Networks Emerge  Greg Goth, Freelance Writer ,pp. 7-9

Guest Editors' Introduction
Virtual Organizations , Matei Ripeanu, pp. 10-12

Virtual Organizations
Bridging the Gap between Legal and Technical Contracts  Alvaro Arenas, pp. 13-19

Virtual Organization Support within a Grid-Wide Operating System Massimo Coppola, pp. 20-28

Provisioning for Dynamic Instantiation of Community Services  Li Qi, pp. 29-36

Access Control
Policy Mapper: Administering Location-Based Access-Control Policies Rafae Bhatti, Oracle,pp. 38-45

Web-Scale Workflow
Incorporating Events into Cross-Organizational Business Processes  Payal Chakravarty, pp. 46-53

E-Commerce Track

Privacy Ontology Support for E-Commerce  Michael Hecker, pp. 54-61


The aAQUA Approach: Innovative Web 2.0 Tools for Developing Countries Krithi Ramamritham, pp. 62-70
Public Policy

Broadcast to Broadband: Unlicensed Access to Unused TV Channels? Michael Calabrese, pp. 71-75


Is HTML in a Race to the Bottom? A Large-Scale Survey and Analysis of Conformance to W3C Standards ,Patricia Beatty, pp. 76-80

Semantics & Services
Traveling the Semantic Web through Space, Time, and Theme Amit Sheth, pp. 81-86

Toward Integration
Demystifying RESTful Data Coupling  Steve Vinoski, Verivue ,pp. 87-90

Internet Experience
Is Anybody Home?  Jim Miller, Miramontes Computing ,pp. 91-93


Collective Work  Charles Petrie, Stanford University ,pp. 96,94-95