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IEEE Internet Computing Volume: 12  Issue: 4   Date: July-Aug. 2008

Table of Contents

Front Cover Page(s): c1-c1

Call for Papers Page(s): c2-c2

Table of Contents Page(s): 1-2

Computing Now: Peer-Review Rigor Meets Social Networks Milojicic, Dejan. Page(s): 3-5

Accessibility Advances Could Portend New Mass Technologies Goth, Greg. Page(s): 6-8

Mesh Networking Research and Technology for Multihop Wireless Networks
Madden, Samuel; Levis, Philip. Page(s): 9-11

The Rise of People-Centric Sensing Campbell, Andrew T.; Eisenman, Shane B.; Lane, Nicholas D.; Page(s): 12-21

Deploying Rural Community Wireless Mesh Networks Ishmael, Johnathan; Bury, Sara; Pezaros, Dimitrios; Page(s): 22-29

Securing Wireless Mesh Networks Glass, Steve; Portmann, Marius; Muthukkumarasamy, Vallipuram. Page(s): 30-36

Extending IP to Low-Power, Wireless Personal Area Networks Hui, Jonathan W.; Culler, David E. Page(s): 37-45

Semantic Provenance for eScience: Managing the Deluge of Scientific Data
Sahoo, Satya S.; Sheth, Amit; Henson, Cory. Page(s): 46-54

Reputation-Oriented Trustworthy Computing in E-Commerce Environments
Wang, Yan; Lin, Kwei-Jay. Page(s): 55-59

Electronic Contracts Krishna, P. Radha; Karlapalem, Kamalakar. Page(s): 60-68

The IETF Multiprotocol Label Switching Standard: The MPLS Transport Profile Case
Andersson, Loa; Bryant, Stewart. Page(s): 69-73

Pornography and the Internet Joyce, Robert A. Page(s): 74-77

Semantic Sensor Web Sheth, Amit; Henson, Cory; Sahoo, Satya S. Page(s): 78-83

ERP is Dead, Long Live ERP Hofmann, Paul. Page(s): 84-88

Convenience Over Correctness Vinoski, Steve. Page(s): 89-92

Who Are You? The Trade-Off between Information Utility and Privacy  Miller, Jim. Page(s): 93-96

IEEE Internet Computing Editorial Calendar Page(s): c3-c3

Computing Now House Advertisement Page(s): c4-c4