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IEEE Internet Computing (Jan/Feb) (Vol. 12, No. 1) ISSN: 1089-7801

Table of Contents

On Social Networking and Communication Paradigms Fred Douglis, IBM T.J. pp. 4-6

The Net’s Going Green: Multipronged Approach Might Save Costs, Energy — and the Climate  Greg Goth, ,pp. 7-9

Interview with Rich Friedrich, Dave Cohen, and Alex Dreiling Dejan Milojicic, pp. 10-13 Crisis Management Sharad Mehrotra, pp. 14-17

Wireless Mesh Networks for Public Safety and Crisis Management Applications Marius Portmann, National ICT Australia , pp. 18-25

Pervasive Software Environments for Supporting Disaster Responses ,Tiziana Catarci, pp. 26-37

Emergency Response Applications: Dynamic Plume Modeling and Real-Time Routing Pavan Kumar Chitumalla, University of Texas at Dallas, pp. 38-44

Distributed Coordination of First Responders Joseph B. pp. 45-47

Ancile: Pervasively Shared Situational Awareness Fernando Maymí, pp. 48-50

Context-Aware Adaptation of Access-Control Policies Arjmand Samuel, pp. 51-54

Web-Scale Workflow: Integrating Distributed Services M. Brian Blake, pp. 55-59

E-Commerce Technology: Back to a Prominent Future ,Kwei-Jay Lin, pp. 60-65

The Spectrum Auction: Big Money and Lots of Unanswered Questions Michael R. Kelley, George Mason University ,pp. 66-70

An Introduction to Internet Standards (PDF) Barry Leiba, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center,pp. 71-74

Is Semantic Web Technology Taking the Wrong Turn? Christoph Bussler, pp. 75-79

Graph Farming Danny Ayers, Talis ,pp. 80-83

Serendipitous Reuse  ,Steve Vinoski, Verivue ,pp. 84-87

3D Social Virtual Worlds: Research Issues and Challenges  Adel Hendaoui, pp. 88-92

 Security Boundaries Stephen Farrell, Trinity College Dublin ,pp. 93-96