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IEEE Intelligent System Jan/Feb (Vol. 23, No. 1) ISSN: 1541-1672


Table Of Contents

Reinventing Academic Publishing, Part 3 ,James Hendler, pp. 2-3
Augmented-Cognition Research on the Rise  Mark Ingebretsen ,Greg Goth ,pp. 4-7
Estimating Location Using Wi-Fi Qiang Yang,  pp. 8-13
Greedy Neighborhood Search for Disaster Relief and Evacuation Logistics
Linet Özdamar, Yeditepe University,pp. 14-23
Toward the Semantic Desktop: The seMouse Approach Jon Iturrioz, pp. 24-31
Enhancing Residential Gateways: A Semantic OSGi Platform Rebeca P. Díaz Redondo, University of Vigo, pp. 32-40
Odor Recognition for Intelligent Systems Amy Loutfi, Örebro University ,pp. 41-48
The Smart Architect: Scalable Ontology-Based Modeling of Ancient Chinese Architectures Yong Liu, Zhejiang University ,pp. 49-56
Heuristic Solutions for Locating Health Resources Joaquín A. Pacheco, pp. 57-63
The CKC Challenge: Exploring Tools for Collaborative Knowledge Construction Natalya F. Noy, Stanford University , pp. 64-68
GOLD: A Framework for Developing Intelligent-Vehicle Vision Applications  Massimo Bertozzi, pp. 69-71
The Procurement Woes Revisited Kelly Nevillepp. 72-75
Near-Term Prospects for Semantic Technologies V. Richard Benjamins, pp. 76-88